Aura Wall Hanging

Allow me to introduce Aura, a crochet wall hanging free pattern right here on the blog! Coupling my love for the moon and my weird obsession with geometric shapes, Aura came to life. This gorgeous, half circle crochet wall hanging boasts lovely texture, contrasting color details and, of course, a full fringe. With yarn support by Furls with their new Wander line, Aura came straight from my hook and into my heart.

This image shows the crochet wall hanging on a white background, with a plant sitting in the lower left hand corner.

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I have always been the type of person to excitedly shout “Come look at the moon!” when it’s hanging beautifully in the night sky as a thick crescent. I’ve also been really into half circles lately, so I knew I had to couple together these two feelings into the Aura crochet wall hanging free pattern.

With the golden hoop encompassing the beautiful, decorative edge, this crochet wall hanging is a show stopper. Beautiful for livening up a bedroom, living or office space, this half circle is more than a half circle – it shines it’s personality and mystery with ease.

With Beautiful Yarn from Furls

When Furls sent me this gorgeous yarn to play with (thank you Furls!), I knew it had to be used for something that would be displayed.

The Wander yarn from Furls is their new acrylic line and this yarn falls nothing short of awesome. It has a beautiful, silky sheen that these pictures truly can’t do justice. Looking at these skeins was like looking at jewels. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

The yarn itself is very soft and does have a little bit of a fuzz halo, which makes this yarn great for items that are wearable (cozy!) or displayable, like this crochet wall hanging free pattern. I likely wouldn’t use it for something like a crochet bag which would take a beating.

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This image shows the crochet wall hanging free pattern sample laid flat on a white background. The two colors of yarn used sit at the top left hand corner with a crochet hook.

Check out the inexpensive PDF pattern – Which includes two PDF versions: one with the pattern, a photo tutorial and the steps written out in detail, and one that is printer friendly to save on ink!
You can grab one in my Etsy shop by clicking the button below.

The Aura crochet wall hanging free pattern could be worked in a single color instead of two, if you preferred. You could also work it up in several colors to create a sort of rainbow mandala effect. Either way, with it’s ridged texture and lace-like openings, this crochet wall hanging will look gorgeous.

Aura Crochet Wall Hanging Free Pattern


Intermediate – While this crochet wall hanging free pattern uses simple stitches such as chain, single crochet and double crochet, the pattern requires increasing, working into chain spaces and working along the raw edge.

I do believe an advanced beginner could complete this project, though. If you need a photo tutorial, there’s a full photo tutorial with all the steps written out in detail (not short hand) in the inexpensive PDF pattern.


Medium (4) worsted weight yarn.

Color A: Approx 1.6 oz or 55 yards
Color B: Approx 0.5 oz or 20 yards.
Yarn usage does not include fringe because fringe varies. However, I finished the 3.5 oz skein of Color A, so approximately 1.5 oz.

I used Furls Wander in Dragonfruit (pink) and Snow (white).

You will also need a 14 inch metal floral hoop. I purchased this set on Amazon – They’re light weight and a pretty gold color!


5 mm (H-8) hook – I used my favorite Furls Streamline Swirl in Cookies and Cream.
Tapestry needle
Stitch Markers


Check gauge after Row 4. After you’ve completed Row 4, your work should be approximately 4.25-4.5 inches wide along the straight edge.

Special Note: I am a tight crocheter. You may need to go down a hook size or pull your stitches slightly tighter to match this gauge. As long as you’re in the approximate range of gauge listed, you should be fine.

The finished piece is slightly smaller than the hoop. This is to accommodate for stretch (as if we were blocking). The finished piece should have approximately 0.25 to 0.5 inches space between the hoop and the finished work.

If you find that your piece is too large for the hoop after completing all 12 rows, you can change the double crochets in rows 11 and 12 to half double crochet or single crochet. You will have a more delicate rounded edge to the piece, but it would be quite pretty. 🙂

The edging rows do tighten the straight edge. We work nearly all of the rows in this piece in a back loop or a front loop and the nature of this means that your starting or ending stitches of the rows can feel a bit loose. By working the first edging row, we tighten those looser stitches and create a pretty edging.


Pattern fits a metal floral hoop that is 14 inches in diameter.

Length depends on your preferred length of fringe. Mine including fringe is approximately 26 inches long.


  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Dc – double crochet
  • BLO – Back loop only
  • FLO – Front loop only 
  • St(s) – Stitch(es)
  • Sk – Skip
  • RS – Right Side
  • WS – Wrong Side
  • Picot – See Special Stitch


  • This pattern calls for usage of a magic circle. You can use the magic circle or you can chain 4 and slip stitch to the first chain made to create a circle to work into. Your choice! I have a tutorial linked for the magic circle below, if you’ve never used it before.
  • Chain 2 at the beginning of the row never counts as a stitch. Always place your first stitch of the row in the same stitch you chained out of.
  • Chain 3 to start a row counts as a double crochet and chain 1 space. This WILL be referenced in the pattern instructions.
  • We begin working in a magic circle, but we work in rows. All rows are turned. We never close a circle.
  • Stitch counts are referenced at the end of each row in parentheses ( ). 
  • Repeats are listed in brackets [ ].
  • Colors are abbreviated to CA (Color A) and CB (Color B).
  • Before you put your work on the hoop, the half circle will seem too small. The half circle will stretch to accommodate the hoop size.



Picots are used on the final row of the straight edge to give it a more decorative look.

To work a chain 3 picot, chain 3. Then, insert your hook back into the front loop only of the last single crochet worked. Yarn over, pull a loop through the front loop of the single crochet and the loop on your hook to slip stitch and secure.

Wool N Hook has a great tutorial for the different variants of Picot stitches, including the one I used.

Magic Circle

This pattern does call for the use of a magic circle. If you’re unfamiliar with a magic circle, you can chain 4, slip stitch to the first chain made and then work into the circle created.

However, if you’d like to learn how to create the magic circle, I have a full Magic Circle Tutorial you can review. This tutorial includes a picture tutorial, the steps written out in detail, and a video tutorial. I also explain WHY the magic circle works, not just how it works so you can be the most successful. 🙂

How to Make the Aura Wall Hanging

Row 1 (WS) – In magic circle, ch 2 (doesn’t count here and throughout) and work 7 dc. Pull tail tight. (7)

Row 2 (RS)- ch 2, turn. Place 2 dc BLO in each st. (14)

Row 3 (WS) – ch 2, turn. All in FLO, work [1 dc 1 st, 2 dc next st]. Repeat inside brackets 7x. (21)

Row 4 (RS) – ch 2, turn. All in BLO, work [1 dc 2 sts, 2 dc following st]. Repeat inside brackets 7x. (28)

Row 5 (WS) – ch 2, turn. All in FLO, work [1 dc 3 sts, 2 dc following st]. Repeat inside brackets 7x. (35)

Finish last st of R5 with CB.

Row 6 (RS) – ch 3 (counts as dc and ch 1), sk 1, dc BLO next. [ch 1, sk 1, dc BLO next]. Repeat inside brackets to end of row. (17 ch 1 spaces, 18 dc).

Finish last st of R6 with CA.

Row 7 (WS) – ch 2, turn. Work 1 dc same st, 2 dc in each of the next 2 ch spaces, 3 dc in each of the next 13 chain spaces, 2 dc in each of the next 2 ch spaces, 1 dc in 2nd ch of ch 3. (49)

Special Note: You might feel like Row 6 isn’t staying straight on the sides, especially once Row 7 is complete. Because Row 6 is made of double crochets separated by chain 1 spaces, the double crochets at the start and end of the row don’t stand up as straight for now. Don’t worry, as you continue adding on rows, they will stand straight. We also add rows for edging on this straight edge, which will keep the edge straight. 

Row 8 (RS) – ch 2, turn. All in BLO, work [1 dc 6 sts, 2 dc following st]. Repeat inside brackets 7x. (56)

Row 9 (WS) – ch 2, turn. All in FLO, work [1 dc 7 sts, 2 dc following st]. Repeat inside brackets 7x. (63)

Finish last st of R9 with CB.
Row 10 (RS) – ch 3 (counts as dc and ch 1), sk 1, dc BLO next. [ch 1, sk 1, dc BLO next]. Repeat inside brackets to end of row. (31 ch 1 spaces, 32 dc).

Finish last st of R10 with CA.

Row 11 (WS) – ch 2, turn. Work 1 dc same st, 2 dc in each of the next 3 ch spaces. [3 dc in next ch space, 2 dc in following ch space]. Repeat inside brackets 13x until 2 chain 1 spaces remain. In each space, work 2 dc. 1 dc in 2nd ch of ch 3. (77)

Row 12 (RS) – ch 2, turn. All in BLO, work [1 dc 10 sts, 2 dc following st]. Repeat inside brackets 7x. (84)

Do not finish off, we will do the edging of the straight line before finishing off.


With right side facing,

Row 1 – ch 1 (doesn’t count here or throughout), evenly place 48 sc across the raw straight edge. This means placing 2 sc in the side of each dc or ch 3. (48)

Row 2 – ch 1, turn. Place 1 sc in each st across. (48)

Finish last stitch of Row 2 with CB.

Row 3 – ch 4 (counts 1 turning chain and  as ch 3), turn. Sk 1st and 2nd st, sc next. [ch 3, sk 2 sts, sc next]. Repeat inside brackets across the row to end. (16 ch spaces)

Finish last st of Row 3 with CA.

Row 4 – ch 1, turn. In each ch space, work [3 sc, 1 picot, 2 sc] for a total of 5 sts in each space. (80 sc, picots don’t count toward stitch count).

Finish off, weave ends.

Attach to Hoop

Now that our half circle is complete, we need to attach it to the floral hoop.

Using a separate length of yarn in CB and a tapestry needle, join to the last stitch in one of the corners of your half circle. You’ll want to secure this length of yarn before continuing.

Now, place your work inside the hoop so that your rounded edge is along the edge of the hoop and your straight edge is in the middle. Wrap the yarn around the hoop and, using your needle, go back through the first stitch. Pull tight.

Working along the rounded edge, skip one stitch, bring the yarn back up and over the hoop, and thread your needle down through the next stitch. You’re basically creating a spiral around the hoop with the yarn and weaving it into the stitches to attach the work to the hoop.

Repeat this for all stitches around the rounded side of your half circle. At the other end, tie off your yarn, and weave in your ends.

Weave your ends in under Row 4 of the Edging, that way your CB doesn’t show as much. 🙂

Attach fringe in the spaces created by skipping a stitch when attaching the half circle to a hoop.

Create fringe by cutting yarn in strips that are two times the length of your preferred fringe length. Fold the strand of yarn in half which will create a loop.

Pull the loop into the space between the hoop and your work with a hook or tapestry needle. Then, thread the ends of the strand through the loop and pull tight.

You can create as much or as little fringe as you prefer. I placed 2 strands of yarn in each space to create a full fringe. My fringe is approximately 12 inches long, so each strand I created was 24 inches. Your fringe length is up to you, though! 🙂

I put fringe in each space along the hoop about 3/4th of the way around the circle and then hung my work so that the circle is diagonal. You can put fringe in all the spaces and hang yours flat or diagonal, your choice!

This image shows the crochet wall hanging on a white background, with a plant sitting in the lower left hand corner.

That’s it! You’re all done. 🙂

Isn’t it beautiful how by working in certain loops, we create beautiful ridged textures to accent this half circle crochet wall hanging free pattern? I just love it.

Iam definitely going to be making more of these in other colors. What colors will you use?

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