In Bloom Asymmetrical Shawl

With spring around the corner, I’m thinking of spending the evenings sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air. Of course, it’s still a little chilly in the spring so having something light but comforting to wrap up in is necessary. The In Bloom Shawl, a crochet triangle shawl, is the perfect wrap for spring. It boasts gorgeous texture in it’s stitches, is easy to create because it’s a crochet asymmetrical shawl design and, best of all, you can make it any size you prefer. So grab a Caron Cake (or your favorite yarn), put on your favorite show or podcast and let’s get to making this crochet triangle shawl.

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Inspiration and Yarn Love

Shawls are a favorite make for many crocheters, myself included. You probably wouldn’t find me wearing a store-bought or manufactured shawl, but something about a crochet triangle shawl feels so wholesome and lovely. When I decided to design a crochet asymmetrical triangle shawl, I knew I needed the perfect stitch.

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I didn’t want anything too open or lace-like, but I did want some texture and personality. That’s when I landed on one of my favorites – The crossed double crochet.

My Something New baby blanket design, which uses crossed double crochet, is one of my favorite designs and has been well loved by crocheters all around the world (thank you!). I have absolutely loved seeing baby blankets made using that design and that’s when it hit me: Use crossed double for this crochet asymmetrical shawl!

Obviously! Why not use one of my favorite stitches ever in such a lovely pattern?

If you prefer a premium, PDF version of this pattern which includes a photo tutorial, you can grab one on my Etsy shop by clicking the buttons below. Thank you for supporting this blog and my small business!

Caron Cotton Cake Asymmetrical Shawl Pattern shown on mannequin

And so I set off finding the perfect yarn. I feel the crossed double crochet requires a yarn with gorgeous stitch definition and to me, that’s Caron Cake. The Caron Cotton Cakes are perfect for this stitch (and this crochet triangle shawl) because not only are they usually a cotton/acrylic blend, but the yarn is wound in such a way that it minimalizes splitting and has a very lovely, strong finish.

While you can use any yarn you prefer for this crochet asymmetrical triangle shawl, I would recommend at least considering a Caron Cake.

I chose a Caron Cotton Cake in the colorway Frozen Yogurt because the peach, pink, white and purple reminded me of flowers in bloom (get it?) and therefore spring.

With a Caron Cotton Cake and my favorite crochet hook in hand, I designed and loved this gorgeous asymmetrical triangle shawl.

Ready to make your own? Let’s do it!


Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
I’ve listed this pattern with this skill level these reasons:

  • This crochet triangle shawl pattern uses a stitch that some beginners may not know – The crossed double crochet. I have a video tutorial for this stitch that will help you through, if you haven’t worked this stitch before.
  • The pattern calls to start with a magic circle. If you haven’t learned the magic circle yet, I do have a photo and video tutorial for this stitch. Alternatively, you can use a chain 3, slip stitch to close and then work into the circle if you prefer.
  • We do increase every row, but it is a very simple increase.

I do believe an adventurous beginner could follow this crochet asymmetrical shawl pattern as it is a simple two row repeat.


You will need a medium (4) yarn of your choice. 

Yards/Oz: Approximately 17.5 oz or 1,060 yards. Yarn requirement is for the size listed, if you make a bigger or smaller shawl, you may need more or less.

Yarn Used: I used just shy of two cakes of Caron Cotton Cake in Frozen Yogurt. I chose this yarn specifically because it is an easy cotton yarn to work with that has great stitch definition. You could use any other yarn you prefer.

5 mm (H) hook – I used my favorite Furls Streamline Swirl
Tapestry needle
Stitch Markers


Isn’t necessary as you can make this easy crochet shawl any size you’d like but if you’d like to check, measure after row 12. It should be approximately 4 inches high along the straight side.


Size per the finished written pattern with no alterations:
Depth: Approx 31 inches
Wingspan: Approx 63 inches


In US terms;

  • Mc – Magic Circle (photo and video tutorial here)
  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Dc – double crochet
  • St – Stitch
  • Sk – Skip
  • CDC  – Crossed double crochet
    • *See special stitch on next page


  • Chain 1 never counts, always place your first single crochet in the same stitch you chained out of.
  • Chain 2 always counts as a stitch, so you will never place a stitch in the one you chained out of.
  • This pattern works on a two row repeat. You can make this asymmetrical shawl as big or small as you prefer. Keep working the repeats until you have the shawl size you prefer.
  • To make this shawl asymmetrical, we always increase by one stitch on the same side of the shawl.
    • The repeats will lead you through increasing.
    • Each row adds one stitch to the stitch count.
  • This pattern calls for a magic circle. However, if you prefer to use the chain 3, slip stitch to close method, you’re welcome to do so.

SPECIAL STITCH : Crossed Double Crochet

To work a crossed double crochet, you will be working two double crochets close to how you normally would, but you’ll be placing them in different stitches.

Step One: Skip 1 stitch. Yarn over, insert hook into the next stitch. Pull up a loop. Yarn over, draw through two, yarn over, draw through two. First double crochet done.

Step Two: Now we want to place a double crochet IN the stitch we skipped. We do not need to chain, go behind the post or do anything fancy here. Simply yarn over, insert your hook into the skipped stitch, pull up a loop. Yarn over, pull through two, yarn over pull through two.

Crossed Double Crochet complete! If you’d like to see this worked in video, please check out my crossed double crochet video tutorial.

Easy Crochet Triangle Shawl shown hanging to see ease.

How to Make This Easy Crochet Triangle Shawl

Row 1 – In mc, chain 2 (doesn’t count this time) and place 3 dc. (3)

Row 2 – ch 1, turn. 2 sc first st, 1 sc next 2 stitches. (4)

Row 3 – ch 2 (counts here and throughout), turn. Work 1 cdc across the row, place 2 dc in last st. (5)

Row 4 – ch 1, turn. 2 sc first st, 1 sc each st to end. (6)

If you’d like a PDF pattern of the In Bloom Asymmetrical Shawl, you can find it on Etsy. The PDF walks you through the entire pattern and includes a photo tutorial.

Row 5 – ch 2 , turn. Work 2 cdc across the row, place 2 dc in last st. (7)

Row 6 – ch 1, turn. 2 sc first st, 1 sc each st to end. (8)

Row 7 – ch 2, turn. Work cdc across the row until 1 st remains, place 2 dc in last st. (9)

Continue repeating Rows 6 and 7 to your desired size. I finished on Row 146.

crossed double crochet triangle shawl work in progress picture

Your last repeat (if you reach Row 146 or you’re working to your own length), should be a repeat of Row 6 (the single crochet row).

Finish off, weave ends.

You can add a border if you prefer, in the sample you see I chose not to.

Depending on the yarn you’ve chosen, you may prefer to block your shawl (100% acrylic yarn may need blocking). I did not block mine as the cotton blend held the shape well.

Thank you so much for spending time with me today! I hope you’ve enjoyed this crochet pattern and that you love your finished product. I really enjoyed choosing the perfect yarn and designing this pattern.

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