Easy Crochet Scarf – Super Sized and Color Blocked

You know the person who is always cold and needs to be wrapped up in something cozy at all times? (Me, we’re talking about me). Well, they need a crochet super scarf! Don’t let the “super” bit of this easy crochet scarf spook you. While this scarf may be massive, it’s straight forward and easy to create.

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What is a super scarf?

I’m glad you asked. While any crochet scarf is awesome, what makes a super scarf, well, super is it’s size! Crochet super scarves are longer and wider than your normal scarf. So, where you might usually crochet a scarf about as long as you are tall and maybe 5 inches wide, super scarves are made even wider and even longer for maximum cozy.

This makes it so you can wrap the scarf several times, have several different styling options and, of course, stay warm in the winter.

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No husbands were harmed in the taking of this photo.

When I designed this pattern, I wanted an easy crochet scarf that was super-sized with loads of texture. Because I wanted this pattern to be gender neutral, I spent a bunch of time narrowing down what texture I wanted to design with. I ended up landing on the blanket stitch because it is easy, fast and has a lovely textured finish that is not too feminine.

When I finished this crochet scarf pattern and held it up to show my husband, he said “This is mine now” and put it on. It is husband approved! I suppose I’ll have to make another one for me.

I designed this scarf to be a color block scarf because I love color block. That’s really all there is to that.

You can make this easy crochet scarf in any set of colors, or in one color if you prefer. It’s up to you! These super scarves could be great to show off team spirit at games, school colors or even made to look like certain scarves certain witches and wizards wear in a certain magical universe. The choice is yours!


Easy (Beginners should be able to complete this project as it is a simple stitch, but you will need some endurance to keep going as there are many rows).


This pattern is written to medium (4) weight acrylic yarn.

You will need three colors with the following amounts. Yarn requirements are based off of the pattern as it is written. If you decided to change sizes, you may need more or less yarn.

Color A: Approximately 4.5 oz or 290 yards
Color B: Approximately 2 oz or 101 yards
Color C: Approximately 9 oz or 460 yards

Yarn Used: I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby

You can use any yarn weight you prefer, but keep in mind that it will alter the size. A bulky weight yarn would look great with this scarf.

You will also need a 5 mm hook (check out my favorite hooks!), scissors, tapestry needle and stitch markers, if you prefer them.


While gauge isn’t massively important (as a super scarf is a super scarf, after all), I’ll include a gauge swatch pattern just in case. 🙂

6 “blanket stitches” x 11 rows = Approximately 4 inches x 4 inches.

By blanket stitch, this means working the “blanket” cluster stitches 6 times. The cluster stitch is a single crochet and two double crochet in one stitch.

Pattern for gauge:
Chain 21. Follow pattern instructions through R11 to achieve approximately 4″ x 4″.


This easy crochet super scarf as written in the pattern is approximately 9 inches wide by 90 inches long (with fringe).


In US terms;

  • Ch(s) – Chain(s) 
  • Sc- Single crochet 
  • Dc- Double crochet 
  • Sk – Skip 
  • CA- Color A 
  • CB – Color B 
  • CC – Color C
  • (…) – Instructions inside parentheses indicate to work all stitches in one stitch.
  • […] – Repeats are listed inside brackets 
  • (…) – Stitch counts are listed at end of row in ( ) and bold italics.


  • At each color change, trim your yarn. You do not need to carry your yarn through this pattern.
  • You can use any yarn weight you prefer, but you may need more or less yarn than the approximate usage listed. 
  • Using a different yarn weight will also make the scarf a different width and length than written. Which is fine, just an FYI.
  • Always make sure to chain 2 at the beginning of each row and place 2 additional dc in the first stitch (which is an sc).
  • Always make sure to place 1 sc at the end of each row in the turning chain
    • (If you want to work this sc around the chains instead of into the top chain, that is completely fine and doesn’t alter the look of the pattern).


As this is a crochet super scarf, this scarf was designed to be massive.

However, you may not be interested in having a scarf quite so long or wide. Here is how to change the sizes:

WIDTH: If you’d like to change the width, you can chain less (or more) to start. The crochet blanket stitch requires a multiple of 3 chains to start – so if you go smaller (or wider), make sure your chains are a multiple of 3.

Each solitary “cluster” (1 sc and 2 dc in one stitch) is approximately ¾ of an inch with worsted weight. You can use this to consider how many chains you would like to add or remove to achieve your desired width.

So, for example, if you wanted to make your crochet super scarf wider by 1.5 inches (to 10.5 inches), you would add an additional 6 chains to the indicated starting chains.

LENGTH: Without fringe, the scarf as written is 80 inches long. If you prefer to change this, you would simply add or remove rows when you begin working with color 3 (for me, this was white).

This section of the scarf is both the longest block of color and the only area with this color, so it is easiest to change the length here.

Crochet until you are approximately halfway through your desired length. Count the rows you have worked with color 3. Work the same amount of rows again before returning to follow the pattern as directed for Color 2 and Color 1.

Easy Crochet Scarf shown with three different colors.

Total honesty: I played with a photo editing software to get these different colors on the scarf. So this is kind of cheating – however, I think the scarf looks absolutely lovely in any set of colors and thought I would show it off either way. 🙂

How to Make this Easy Crochet Super Scarf

With CA, ch 39.

Row 1 – In 3rd ch from hook, place 2 dc. [sk 2 chs, place (1 sc and 2 dc) in next ch]. Repeat inside brackets until 3 ch remain. Sk 2 ch, place 1 sc in last ch. (12 blanket stitch clusters, 36 sts)

Row 2 – Ch 2, turn. Place 2 dc in first st. [Sk 2 sts, place (1 sc and 2 dc) in next st]. Repeat inside brackets to end of row. Place 1 sc in ch 2 turning ch. (12 blanket stitch clusters, 36 sts)

*You will be skipping all double crochets and placing all stitches into a single crochet from the row below.

Rows 3 through 28 – Repeat R2 with current color (CA)

Finish last st of Row 28 with CB.

Rows 29 through 42 – Repeat R2 with CB.

Finish last st of Row 42 with CC.

Rows 43 through 180 – Repeat R2 with CC.

Finish last st of Row 180 with CB.

Rows 181 through 194 – Repeat R2 with CB.

Finish last st of Row 194 with CA.

Rows 195 through 222 – Repeat R2 with CA.

Finish off, weave ends.

Work in progress of easy crochet scarf, shows texture.


To finish off the scarf, we will add a classic fringe. If you’d prefer a scarf without fringe or with a different finish, that’s completely up to you!

If you do want fringe, decide how long you’d like the fringe to be. You will also want to decide how many strands of yarn to place into each stitch. The more strands of yarn you use for each piece of fringe, the more full your fringe will be.

Once you have decided on these two requirements, you will want to cut strands of yarn approximately two times as long as your desired fringe length.

For example, my fringe is 4 inches long when finished, so I cut strands of yarn about 8 to 8.5 inches long.

Using something tangible for an approximate measurement works well. A book, for example, is great to wrap the yarn around and then cut on one side to create long strands. This way you don’t have to measure the strands each time.

Take two strands of yarn (or however many you’ve decided to use per stitch) and fold them in half so that you have a loop. Use your hook to pull the loop through a stitch on the short end of your scarf. Then, pull the tails through this loop. Pull on the tails to tighten them.

Repeat as many times as necessary along the short ends of your scarf to achieve your desired fringe.

Once your fringe is complete, you’re all set to brave the cold weather in your color block super scarf.

Image shows a woman sitting on a large tree stump in the wilderness. She is wearing the easy crochet scarf, showing how long and wide it is.

I hope you love your finished easy crochet super scarf as much as my husband loves the one I made. I need to make one for myself now, since he has stolen mine!

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