The Friendship Blanket Crochet A Long

A few months ago, one of my favorite Crochet Designers, Sunflower Cottage Crochet, asked a bunch of us designers in the crochet community if we’d be interested in designing crochet afghan squares to contribute to a crochet quilt for a Crochet-A-Long (CAL). As someone who loves to be a part of a community and wrap up in a cozy, textured crochet blanket, you know I said yes!

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It is so satisfying to be able to connect with other Crochet Designers to work on something together. Not only does it reinforce that “community over competition” feel, but it allows us to work together to bring joy and excitement to the crocheting community as a unit. Truly, that’s something to be thankful for.

While each of us have our own crocheting styles and each of our crochet afghan squares are different, The Friendship Blanket crochet quilt brings all of those little differences in style and approach into one gorgeous piece of work. It really shows how it “takes a village” and how no matter our differences, we can come together and create something beautiful.

Collectively, we named this crochet quilt pattern The Friendship Blanket because, well, it is. We came together as friends, or met new friends, in the journey to create something beautiful.

Okay, enough with the sap (sorry, I got a little feel-y there!), let’s get onto the details of this crochet quilt CAL and these gorgeous crochet afghan squares.

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The Friendship Blanket Crochet A Long

The Friendship Blanket crochet quilt CAL is brought to you by 28 different designers from all around the world, lead by the lovely duo Helen and Sara from Sunflower Cottage Crochet. Each designer designed at least one crochet afghan square pattern (some designed two, myself included!). Collectively, we have designed over 40 crochet afghan squares using various techniques for you to choose from to create a gorgeous crochet quilt. Or, alternatively, you could create any number of things from these squares – pillow cases, smaller blankets, etc. The choice is yours!

The Friendship Blanket crochet quilt only requires 35 squares to create, but we wanted to ensure there were more crochet afghan squares than necessary to choose from. So, if you don’t particularly like a square, the square is too advanced, etc., you can choose another one. Alternatively, you could also double up on squares you particularly liked!

You could use this crochet quilt Crochet A Long as a way to bust your stash, or you could plan out your colors.

There is truly something for everyone in this CAL and I am so excited to be a part of it.

This image is used with permission from Sunflower Cottage Crochet


The Friendship Blanket crochet quilt squares event has officially ended, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make these gorgeous crochet afghan squares.

The CAL released the first square on January 15th, 2021 and finished with the last square released on April 18, 2021. As designers (and crocheters!), we had so much fun creating this crochet quilt squares. Watching all the crocheters pictures come in with each square release was an awesome experience.

During the crochet quilt CAL event, the PDF patterns for the crochet afghan squares were free for a limited time. The CAL is over, but you can still take advantage of all of these squares in a couple of different ways.

First, most of these crochet quilt squares are available on the designers blog as a free pattern, not as a download. You could certainly check out each pattern in it’s free form. Some of the patterns are NOT available for free at all, just FYI.

Second, you can purchase each PDF for whichever crochet quilt square you prefer. This way you can grab the patterns you like best.

Or, you can purchase the Friendship Blanket Bundle, which has all of the 41 crochet quilt squares in one place for a much cheaper price than you would spend purchasing each pattern individually.

The Friendship Blanket Bundle

You can purchase The Friendship Blanket crochet afghan square bundle for just $10 (USD). There are 41 patterns in the bundle, which makes each pattern cost approximately $0.24 a piece if you did the math. Most of these patterns go for at least $1 to $2 a piece, so you’d definitely be saving your time and money by purchasing the bundle verses going to each individual designer to buy each pattern.

Of course, there is never any push to purchase the bundle, but I do recommend checking it out if you’d like to get all of the crochet quilt squares patterns at once and have them all in one place. 🙂


  • All crochet afghan squares are designed using a medium (4) weight.
  • A fully finished blanket should require approximately 3,000 to 3,100 yards (before seaming). The seaming should require between 600 to 650 yards.
    • Please keep in mind that worsted and aran yarn both fall under “medium (4)”. Sometimes these weights can be different. For example, Red Heart Super Saver verses I Love This Yarn. When choosing your yarn for your crochet quilt squares, I would recommend making sure the yarn is of a similar weight.
    • At least two of the squares require three colors.
    • These are average and will depend on which yarn you use.
  • Hook sizes range from 4mm to 6mm (check out my favorite hooks!)
  • You will also want to have the following handy:

Want to work your crochet afghan squares with a group?

I’d love to invite you to my Facebook Group to be a part of our community, join the CAL with other members of the Fox Family.

While the “event” might be over as far as releasing squares goes, you can share your work with the group any time! We are here to cheer you on, help out and answer questions.

We would love to have you!

Crochet Afghan Squares Patterns

Square 1 – The Friendship Square by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This crochet quilt square uses front and back post stitches to create a lovely texture.

Square 2 – The Pretty Petals Square by Amelia Makes

This square takes advantage of chain spaces and cluster stitches to create a beautiful lace pattern.

Square 3 – The Lauren Square by Crafting Each Day

This crochet quilt square has a beautiful wavy texture created with beginner friendly stitches.

Square 4 – The Rambling Roses Square by Made by Gootie

This square features the primrose stitch, which creates a lovely rose looking texture.

Square 5 – The Illusion Square by L’amas de Laine

This crochet quilt square uses tapestry crochet to create an interesting visual texture.

Square 6 – The Diamond Bliss Square by Crafting at the Poole

This square uses front post stitches to create raised diamonds across the work. Beautiful!

Square 7 – The Omatra Square by Three Fates Creations

This crochet quilt square looks beautiful in several colors or in just one.

Square 8 – Raised Diagonal Square by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This crochet afghan square uses front post stitches to create beautiful raised diagonal lines.

Square 9 – The Ara Square by Ambassador Crochet

Starting with a beautiful star shape in the middle, this pattern becomes square and is lovely.

Square 10 – The Diamonds Square by Jo’s Crafty Hook

This crochet square creates a beautiful diamond texture with strategically placed chains. Quick and lacy – perfect!

crochet afghan square

Square 11 – The Kindred Square by Through the Loop Yarn Craft

Despite looking like Tunisian crochet, this crochet afghan square is NOT Tunisian! While it looks intimidating, this square is relatively easy once you get started.

crochet quilt section

Square 12 – The Eclectic Friendship Square by Crochets by Trista

This square uses single crochet, double crochet and chain spaces to create a pretty and simple texture.

crochet afghan square

Square 13 – The Kinship Square by The Loophole Fox

This crochet quilt square is great for beginners as it only uses slip stitch and half double crochet to create this beautiful texture.

crochet quilt section

Square 14 – The Tapestry Heart Square by Amelia Makes

This crochet square uses tapestry crochet in three colors to create a heart in the middle. Super cute!

crochet afghan square

Square 15 – The Friendship Square by Natali’s Crochet Designs

If you love puff stitches, this lovely square is perfect for you.

crochet quilt section

Square 16 – The Connection Square by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

This crochet afghan square uses the bean stitch to create these little bobbles that zig zag throughout the pattern.

crochet afghan square

Square 17 – The Sweet Stripes Square by Green Fox Farms

This pattern is straightforward, quick and easy but creates the most beautiful repeating stripes.

crochet quilt section

Square 18 – The Sol Square by Emma Wilkinson Designs

This crochet quilt square uses a variety of different stitches and colors, making this a great stash busting square.

crochet afghan square

Square 19 – The Dolphin Stitch Square by Straight Hooked

This square uses a stitch created by the designer! The dolphin stitch is a fun, waved stitch that is absolutely lovely.

crochet quilt section

Square 20 – The Cross Puff Square by HanJan Crochet

This crochet quilt square features stripes of puff stitches and a lovely ribbed edging.

crochet afghan square

Square 21 – The Zanmi Square by Desamour Designs

This square, while certainly intermediate in experience level, is lovely and fairly quick to work up once you get started. (If you need help, there’s a video in my Facebook Group).

crochet quilt section

Square 22 – The Sun and Stars Square by Crochet Cloudberry

With a beautiful sun in the center and stars around the edge, this crochet square is gorgeous.

crochet afghan square

Square 23 – The Lasting Links Square by Ned and Mimi

This square uses the Jacob’s Ladder, long interlocking chains, to create this beautiful “lasting links” appeal.

crochet quilt section

Square 24 – Square by Canoe Mtn Designs

This crochet quilt square starts in the round and becomes square, while utilizing V stitches to create a beautiful feel.

crochet afghan square

Square 25 – Synergy Square by Kickin’ Crochet

This mosaic square uses interlocking crochet to create a striking design. This square comes with a full tutorial for those who might not have done interlocking crochet before.

crochet quilt section

Square 26 – Sedge Stitch Square by Carroway Crochet

This crochet quilt square uses the sedge stitch, which is a beginner friendly stitch packed with texture.

crochet afghan square

Square 27 – Arianrhod Silver Wheel Square by Ambassador Crochet

This square is a lot easier than it looks! It uses front post stitches and long chains to create this beautiful webbing.

crochet quilt section

Square 28 – The Harmony Square by Me n My Hook

With gorgeous contrasting colors, this square works up quickly and relatively easily, with beautiful corner accents.

crochet afghan square

Square 29 – Cluster This Way Square by Fosbas Designs

Using cluster stitches, this pattern is packed with lovely texture and is quick and easy to work up.

crochet quilt section

Square 30 – Rialto Square by HanJan Crochet.

This square uses chains and crossed stitches to create lovely little cables.

crochet afghan square

Square 31 – Friendship Star by Blue Star Crochet

This lovely crochet afghan square uses cable techniques to create the risen star, backed by lovely texture.

crochet quilt section

Square 32 – Little Angels Square by Desert Blossom Crafts

This square is a fun introduction into lace crochet, and the pattern works up to feature little angels across the row.

crochet afghan square

Square 33 – The Victoria Square by Crafting Each Day

This crochet afghan square is worked in the round and boasts lovely ribbed texture.

crochet quilt section

Square 34 – The Integrity Square by Creative Crochet Hook

This square uses different stitches to create beautiful blocks of texture.

crochet afghan square

Square 35 – The Communion Square by Me N My Hook

This lovely square heavily features circles and has gorgeous, soft texture that you’re sure to love.

crochet quilt section

Square 36 – The Malachia Square by Raffamusa Designs

This square features lovely rounds that scallop around the square, before finishing off in a square. As you can see in the picture, this square looks great in multiple colors or one color.

crochet afghan square

Square 37 – The Companion Square by Straight Hooked

Using double crochets and chain spaces, this square features lovely texture that is sure to be beautiful in solid colors or in variegated colors.

crochet quilt section

Square 38 – The Fellowship Square by The Loophole Fox

This crochet afghan square uses one of my favorite stitches, the crossed double crochet, to create beautiful texture easily. With a two row repeat, this square is quick to work up and will look beautiful in any color.

crochet afghan square

Square 39 – The Waffle Stitch Square by Carroway Crochet

This crochet afghan square uses front and back post double crochet stitches to create a waffle texture. It’s super squishy and fun to create!

Crochet quilt

Square 40 – Circle of Friends Square by Blue Star Crochet

This crochet afghan square is beautifully designed to show off double crochets and how beautiful they can be.

crochet afghan square

Square 41 – Brindisi Bobble Square by ChristaCoDesigns

This beautiful square uses contrasting colors and bobble stitches to create this beautiful, hourglass design.

That’s all there is! Aren’t these crochet afghan squares absolutely gorgeous? I am loving all the pictures everyone is posting of their crochet quilts. It’s so amazing to be a part of something so lovely.

I hope you love all of these designs and that you love your Friendship Blanket. 🙂

Don’t forget to join my Facebook Group so we can chat all about your creations! We are a group for crocheters of all experiences, all interests and love to hang out together. Come join the fun!

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With more than a decade of crochet experience, Shannon knows that understanding why we do something matters just as much as how we do it. She teaches new techniques and crochet stitches in depth so you can crochet with confidence.

The Friendship Blanket – 40 Crochet Afghan Squares

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