Radiant Bath Pouf – Part 6 of the Radiant Bath Set

The 6th and final part of the Radiance Bath Set is crochet bath pouf pattern! Everyone needs a luscious, cotton bath pouf to bring their self-care routine up a notch.

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Just like with the other crochet patterns in the Radiance Bath Set, this eco friendly crochet bath pouf pattern was designed with a self-care routine in mind. Our routines don’t have to be boring or mundane – We can treat ourselves every day with gorgeous, crocheted items that bring an extra level of care to our standard days.

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What’s the best yarn for a crochet bath pouf?

For the entire crochet bath set, I’ve specifically chosen my favorite soft cotton yarn – I Love This Cotton. A lot of the cotton yarns you can purchase on the market start out rough and scratchy, with the promise that they will “soften up” after a few washes. That can be fine for other projects, but for something as useful and necessary to a self-care routine, you want soft yarn that you like the feeling of from the start.

In general, regardless of what brand you decide to purchase, cotton yarn is highly recommended when it comes to any project that will often come into contact with water or be used for cleaning of any sort. Cotton yarn is typically more hypoallergenic and stands the test of time and washing much stronger than acrylic or wool based yarns do.

This image shows the crochet bath pouf pattern, worked twice - once in yellow and once in pink - with a bit of pothos plant and other bathroom necessities around for a staged picture.

I knew I wanted to include a crochet bath pouf pattern in this crochet bath set, but I didn’t want to design yet another bath pouf that took forever to dry.

I specifically designed this crochet bath pouf pattern to be smaller than your typical pouf (so less yarn crowded all together) and “convertible”.

Convertible!? Yep!

This quick little make is able to be used not only like a standard bath pouf but also similar to a small wash cloth with ruffled edges. I love the options this gives you but what I really love is this: It helps cut down on drying time.

Because you’re able to pull the ruffles out from the center, you’re able to allow air into the densest part of the pouf which helps it dry faster.

This image shows the crochet bath pouf pattern in it's "open" stage, showing that it can be converted.
With less stiches and less rounds, we’re able to open up the crochet bath pouf when needed for a different sort of pampered feeling or to maximize drying time.

One of the major plus sides to this crochet bath pouf pattern (as well as the other portions of this bath set that have been released) is that it is designed using 100% cotton yarn. This means that this crochet bath pouf will stand up to heavy washing, which is necessary for anything you use on your skin. Especially for items that are typically left in the bathroom to dry out, it must be able to be washed and dried to keep it clean and you healthy.

So, grab your favorite 100% cotton yarn, your crochet hook and let’s get to pampering!

This crochet bath pouf pattern is part six of the Radiance Bath Set. The full bath set also includes:


Advanced Beginner / Beginner Friendly – This crochet bath pouf pattern is worked entirely using half double crochet in continuous rounds. If you know how to work in the round and in continuous rounds, you can make this pattern!


Medium (4) weight cotton yarn. You will need only one color.

You will need approximately
0.7 oz / 23g / 40 yards.

I used I Love This Cotton in Rosy. You can use any cotton yarn you prefer. I Love This Cotton is 100% cotton and is very soft for cotton yarn, so I use it for most bath items.


4 mm (G-6) hook – Check out my favorite crochet hook!
Tapestry needle
Stitch Markers


Gauge isn’t important. Your standard tension will be fine for this project.


Approximately 8 inches around, measured somewhat tightly. Fits nicely in the palm of the hand without being too large.


  • Ch – Chain
  • Sl st – Slip Stitch
  • Sc – Single Crochet
  • Hdc – Half Double Crochet


  • This pattern is a part of the Radiance Bath Set.
  • Crochet bath pouf pattern is worked in continuous rounds.
  • Later rounds have hundreds of stitches. It is recommended to mark your first stitch of the round with a stitch marker so you don’t lose your place.
  • Pattern uses a magic circle to begin. You can chain 3 and slip stitch to the first chain instead, if you prefer.
  • Stitch counts are referenced at the end of each round in parentheses and italics (#)

Special Stitch – Magic Circle

This crochet bath pouf pattern is written to use a Magic Circle. You can use the chaining method to begin your project, if you prefer. I do have a full video and photo tutorial on how to create a Magic Circle, if you’d like to review it.

Radiant Crochet Bath Pouf Pattern – Free

Round 1 – In Magic Circle, ch 45 and sl st back into the mc. Ch 1 (doesn’t count), place 12 hdc in Magic Circle. Pull tail tight. (12)

*Ch 45 is the handle for the crochet bath pouf. Throughout your work, ignore the ch 45 and push it back and out of the way when necessary.

Round 2 – Place 3 hdc in each st around. (36)

Round 3 – Place 3 hdc in each st around. (108)

Round 4 – Place 3 hdc in each st around. (324)

After last st of Round 4, place 1 sc in next st, then sl st in following st to close.

Trim yarn, weave ends. You’re done!

That’s it! Be sure to check out the other parts of the Radiance bath set if you enjoyed this crochet soap saver pattern. All together, these patterns would make a fantastic gift!


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