Radiant Loofah – Part 3 of the Radiance Bath Set

Part 3 of the Radiance Bath Set is this easy, quick and adorable crochet back scrubber! This crochet loofah pattern is a fantastic, green alternative to the standard loofah. Soft and with just enough texture, this crochet back scrubber will kick your ordinary back washing utensil to the curb.

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Just like with the other crochet patterns in the Radiance Bath Set, this eco friendly crochet back scrubber pattern was designed to be soft and have texture to bring in the luxury feeling. The puff stitches and raised lines add a lovely texture and interesting feel, while the soft cotton yarn makes this make a winner from the get-go.

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For this crochet bath set, I’ve specifically chosen my favorite soft cotton yarn – I Love This Cotton. A lot of the cotton yarns you can purchase on the market start out rough and scratchy, with the promise that they will “soften up” after a few washes. That can be fine for other projects, but for something as useful and necessary to a self-care routine, you want soft yarn that you like the feeling of from the start.

If you prefer a premium, ad-free PDF version of this pattern, you can grab one on my Etsy shop by clicking the button below.

When I was inspired to make a crochet bath set of patterns, I really wanted to include some sort of back scrubber. I think everyone should have the perfect luxury bath set and that includes a means to wash the back without having to do a ton of yoga poses.

For those of us with sensitive skin (like me), we know that not just any means of washing will do. It must be soft, convenient, washable and hold up to wear. Because the entire bath set (not just this crochet back scrubber pattern) is made with 100% cotton yarn, these projects are all of the above. Not to mention, the bath set is absolutely gorgeous which is a big plus in my book!

One of the major plus sides to this crochet back scrubber pattern (as well as the other portions of this bath set that have been released or will be released) is that it is designed using 100% cotton yarn. This means that this crochet loofah will stand up to heavy washing, which is necessary for anything you use on your skin. Especially for items that are typically left in the bathroom after use like a loofah, it must be able to be washed and dried to keep it clean and you healthy.

So, grab your favorite 100% cotton yarn, your crochet hook and let’s get to pampering!

This crochet back scrubber pattern is part 3 of the Radiance Bath Set. The full bath set will also include:

The PDF version of this pattern is available to purchase on Etsy. The PDF comes with two versions of the pattern – 1) Full version with a photo tutorial and 2) A printer friendly version.

If you’d like a photo tutorial to walk you through the rounds, I would recommend the inexpensive PDF. It’s 8 pages long, with photos of the more intricate parts, photos for how to work the special stitches and photos for what the crochet back scrubber should look like after each row. The printer friendly version is only 3 pages to save on ink!


Advanced Beginner – This pattern requires more intermediate stitches such as puff stitches and working in the 3rd loop of half double crochet. The bulk of the pattern is worked in rows aside from the border and handles, which are worked in two closed rounds.


Medium (4) weight cotton yarn. You will need only one color.

You will need approximately 1.5 oz/ 42g/ 78 yards per loofah made.

I used I Love This Cotton in Rosy. You can use any cotton yarn you prefer. I Love This Cotton is 100% cotton and is very soft for cotton yarn, so I use it for most bath items.


4 mm (G-6) hook – Check out my favorite crochet hook!
Tapestry needle
Stitch Markers


Gauge isn’t extremely important.

After working through Row 7, your work should be approximately 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall. If you’re slightly off, it won’t ruin anything. As long as you like the size, that’s what matters.

I am generally a “tight” crocheter, so my gauge is typically very tight compared to others. In terms of this back scrubby, you should not have an issue as the crochet loofah doesn’t require a specific size. However, I wanted to include this note just for reference.


Approximately 3.5 inches wide and 15.5 inches long (without handles).

You can customize this as you see fit. There are instructions on how to customize the size in the notes.


  • Ch – Chain
  • Sl st – Slip stitch
  • Sc – Single crochet
  • Hdc – Half double crochet
  • Dc – Double crochet
  • St(s) – Stitch(es)
  • Hdc3lo – Hdc in 3rd loop only*
  • Puff St – Puff stitch* 
  • RS – Right side
  • WS – Wrong side

*See Special Stitches


  • This pattern is part of the Radiance Bath Set
  • This pattern is worked in rows, except for the border which is worked in rounds.
  • Chain 1 to begin a row never counts as a stitch. Always place your first stitch in the very first stitch.
  • Chain 3 to begin a row counts as both a double crochet and a chain 1.
  • This loofah pattern is easy to customize to the size that works best for you.
    • You can repeat the specified set of rows to be the length you desire.
    • If you’d like a wider or thinner loofa, you can increase or decrease the starting chains. As long as your stitch count is an odd number, the pattern will work properly.
  • With this pattern, when working in the 3rd loop of half double crochet stitches, the 3rd loop will be facing you.
  • Stitch counts are referenced at the end of each round in parentheses and italics (#)
  • Repeats are listed in brackets [ ].


Special Stitch – Hdc3lo

The half double crochet has a “3rd loop” which is created by the yarn over before inserting your hook into your stitch. This 3rd loop is facing you when working in rows. To work a “hdc3lo” or half double crochet in the 3rd loop only, you will ignore the top of the half double crochet, and instead work only in the 3rd loop which is directly below the top of the stitch. 

Special Stitch – Puff Stitch

This pattern uses a puff stitch. Puff stitches are worked in a few different ways – so it is important to know which puff stitch to use.

For the purposes of this pattern, we will be working with a closed puff stitch. 

To work this puff stitch, you will: [Yarn over and insert your hook into the indicated stitch. Yarn over and pull up a loop.] Repeat inside of the brackets 2 more times in the same stitch. You should now have 7 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through 6 of the 7 loops. 2 loops on hook, yarn over, pull through 2.

How to Make the Radiant Crochet Back Scrubber

Row 1 (WS) Foundation hdc 13 OR chain 14, place 1 hdc 2nd ch from hook and each across. (13 sts)

Row 2 (RS) –
Ch 1, turn. Place 1 hdc in each st across. (13 sts)

Row 3 (WS) –
Ch 1, turn. Place 1 hdc first st,  hdc3lo in each of the next 11 sts, 1 hdc in last st. (13 sts)

Row 4 (RS) –
Ch 1, turn. Place 1 sc in each st across. (13 sts)

Row 5 (WS) –
Ch 3 (counts as dc and ch 1), turn. Skip 1 st, puff st next. [Ch 1, skip 1, puff st] Repeat inside brackets until 2 sts remain. Ch 1, skip 1, dc last st. (2 dc, 6 chain spaces, 5 puff stitches)

Row 6 (RS) –
Ch 1, turn. Place 1 sc in each st and in each ch 1 space across. Your last sc will be in the 2nd ch of the ch 3. (13 sts)

Row 7 (WS) – Ch 1, turn. Place 1 hdc in each st across. (13 sts)

Repeat Rows 2 through 7 another six times, or as many times as preferred for length.

Then, repeat Rows 2 through 4 one more time.

Do not trim yarn. Move directly on to working the border and handles.

Border & Handles

Round 1 – Ch 1, turn work 90 degrees  to work along raw, long edge. Place 1 sc in side of each hdc and sc, and 2 sc inside of each dc to corner. (53 sc this side). Ch 40, then continue on to working along the second raw, long edge the same as the previous side. (53 sc this side). Ch 40, then sl st to the first sc of this round to close. (106 sc, 2 ch 40s)

*If your stitch count is slightly off here, don’t worry. As long as your stitches are evenly placed and don’t ruffle or pull the edges, the stitch count doesn’t really matter. 🙂

Round 2 – Ch 1, Place 1 sc in each stitch and chain around to end. Sl st to first sc to close. (186 sc)

Finish off, weave ends. Block if desired.

You’re all done! Enjoy! 

That’s it! Be sure to check back for the other parts of the Radiance bath set if you enjoyed this crochet back scrubber pattern. I’m super excited for the additional pieces to release and can’t wait to share them with you!


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