The Best Crochet Gifts for Mom

What mom doesn’t love a handmade gift? They loved our handmade cards when we were little and they’ll love the amazing items you’ll create from these free crochet patterns special for mom. Here you will find 20 perfect crochet gift ideas for mom for Mother’s Day, Christmas or any day, really!

Check out these amazing crochet gift ideas and head to the designers page to view the free crochet pattern on their blog.

Crochet gifts for mom round up - The Loophole Fox

When it comes to gifting to mom, I’ve always found that handmade is best. When I was younger, my mom received nearly all of my crochet projects as a gift and loved every one of them… no matter how wonky they were. Haha.

One of my favorite things about any holiday is the ability to crochet something special for the important women in my life. With this blog post, you won’t be running out of ideas any time soon!

While you may have some other gifts in the works for mom this upcoming holiday (or birthday!), crochet projects can add a depth of love into the gift. These crochet gift ideas for mom will be the perfect addition to any present you give her.

In this post you will find anything from crochet shawls patterns to crochet spa set patterns. These gifts aren’t just great for mom – they’re great ideas for any woman in your life. You can create these for your sister, friend, mother-in-law, a co-worker, etc. Either way, they’ll love the work and love that went into these presents.

Crochet Gifts for Mom Patterns

How amazing are these patterns? These certainly give me a ton of ideas for crochet gifts for my mom. Thank you to every designer who participated and to Ned and Mimi for creating this round-up idea.

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