26 Best Gifts for Crocheters in 2021

It’s finally that time of year – Time to pull out our warm and cozy crochet makes, drink a hot cocoa and snuggle up next to the fire. A crochet lover’s favorite time of year! With all of these things, though, comes gift shopping. I’m here to help make your gift giving experience this year a little easier with a list of the best Christmas gifts for crocheters. If you’re not familiar with crocheting but you’re searching for the perfect gift – don’t worry, I’ve got you!

Not long ago, I asked my lovely Facebook Group what their crochet Christmas list would look like. I asked, “If money was no restriction and you could have anything you like, what would you put on your list?” These crocheters let me know everything from yarn to organization. So, I really must give my absolutely phenomenal Facebook group a little shout out here for telling me what crocheters (not just me) would want for gifts. Quite a few of the items listed on this list of gifts for crocheters came from them! Thanks everyone!

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Without further ado, let’s get into the list of the best crochet gifts to give for Christmas (or any time of year!)

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The Best Gifts for Crocheters

Looking for something specific in this list of the best crochet gifts for yarnies? Use this table of contents to jump to your preferred area.


I know, I know. Doesn’t your crochet lover have a big enough stash already?

The thing is, while most of us do have quite sizable yarn stashes that feel like they’re taking over the house, they’re usually filled with ends of skeins we’ve used or other more affordable yarn. Not always, but I know mine is.

So, while buying yarn as part of your gifts for crocheters might seem a bit silly, consider asking them what skeins of yarn they love but wouldn’t purchase on their own.

Some crochet lovers consider more expensive yarn to be quite the novelty, so gifting a crocheter a skein of natural fiber such as alpaca wool or a gorgeous skein of hand dyed indie yarn would be a real gift. You can find amazing hand dyed indie yarn on Etsy or lovely wool blends, like We Crochet’s Hawthorne Tonal Hand Painted yarn.

Other crocheters might be more interested in high quality cotton yarn, the bigger yarn cakes, or other natural fibers such as Tencel.

For smaller skeins(1.5 to 3 oz), don’t forget to buy more than one skein! These smaller skeins often don’t have enough to work up an entire project, so don’t leave your crocheter hanging.

Tools and Notions

Some of the best gifts for crocheters come down to the tools and notions. These are items crochet lovers use for their craft and, while we can find cheaper versions, some of these items might just be a little out of our price range or otherwise considered a “novelty item”. Because there are so many different tools and notions crocheters can use and would love as gifts, I’m going to break these down into their own subcategories.


The crochet hook: It’s the main tool crocheters use and can’t live without. Sure, we can go to any craft store and grab a multi-pack of standard aluminum hooks but these hooks often cause a lot of hand pain. See, they’re really not all that ergonomic. Crochet hooks can vary in cost and most of the fancier hooks you have to purchase one at a time.

Here are some of the best crochet hooks you can gift to your crocheting friend:


Furls crochet hooks are hands down my favorite crochet hooks. I’m an intensely frugal person, so taking the leap to buy myself a few Furls crochet hooks was not done lightly. Once I received the new hooks and started working with them, I was kicking myself for not buying them sooner.

There are a large variety of Furls hooks to choose from, but I highly recommend the Streamline Swirl hooks. They come in several absolutely gorgeous colors. The best part of their Streamline Swirl line is the length of the hook. Where other hooks are shorter and rub into the palm of your hand, the Streamline’s are longer and fit across your entire hand. I have also found that as soon as I started using Furls, my hand pain basically completely went away.


Another great set of crochet hooks you can purchase are the Clover hooks. Well loved by many in the crochet community, the Clover hooks still have an aluminum hook but are wrapped in an ergonomic handle to help protect your crochet lovers hands. With bright and fun colors to help distinguish hook sizes, there’s no doubt why crocheters love these hooks.


Another type of hook that are great gifts for crocheters is a polymer clay hook. Usually found on Etsy by independent makers, these hooks bring so much personality and fun into a crocheters life. These hooks typically are standard aluminum hooks but the handle is created with polymer clay that can be in any number of styles or fandoms.


I mean, these are so adorable. If your crochet lover likes to bring little projects on the go, these mini hooks are an adorable stocking stuffer.


Do I even need to say it? Every crocheter needs a good pair of scissors! Having a small and cute/fun/fancy pair of scissors is just a plus for any crocheter. This is one of those items that some crocheters might ignore purchasing because it doesn’t feel as important or they already have a pair of scissors in the house.

Let your crochet lover know their need for an amazing pair of scissors is important with a cute pair like these.

Stitch Markers

Regardless of how experienced a crocheter is, there will always be a need for a set of stitch markers. If you go into any crocheters home, you’re sure to find a plastic one hanging out in the couch cushions somewhere.

Novelty stitch markers make using a stitch marker at all even more fun. If you do get your crafting friend a set of stitch markers, make sure they have the claw clasps and are not solid circles (those are for knitting!).

While you can get your crochet lover a huge stock of the plastic stitch makers, you could consider something a little prettier or more fun like these beaded stitch markers.

Swatch Ruler and Hook Gauge Set

When it comes to crocheting, it’s not always as easy as just following the instructions written in the pattern. Most of the time, a crochet lover will need to follow the “dreaded” gauge. Make things a little easier for your yarnie by gifting them a swatch ruler and hook gauge set. No more using the old tape measure from the tool box!

Pom Pom Maker

While you can make pom poms without a pom pom maker, having one makes all the difference in keeping your size uniform. Honestly? It’s just easier. Every fiber craft lover deserves a pom pom maker, like this one!


If your crocheter is anything like me, they have piles of yarn in different corners of the house, notes scribbled on the back of envelopes and receipts, and they can’t find their crochet hook (it’s tucked into their bun or pony tail). These organization items make great gifts for crocheters.

Crochet Hook Storage

Help your crocheter keep all their hooks in one place with any option of hook storage.

You could go as thrifty and simple as a zipper pouch or as fancy as a Furls display case. These will keep all of their hooks organized… for now, at least.

Yarn Storage

Every crocheter needs more yarn storage options, even if they don’t say so. Some great gifts for crocheters are some simple but attractive yarn storage options.

Depending on their style, you could gift nearly any type of shelf to a crocheter. These wine racks look great repurposed as a yarn shelf, cube shelves are popular because of their cube basket ability or, if your crocheter likes a more industrial look you could go with this steel adjustable rack.

Project Bag or Canvas Tote

If your crocheting friend is anything like me, they NEED a project bag. These project bags aren’t just for traveling, they’re great for keeping your yarn and tools organized while you work on a particular project.

This one is super cute, affordable and has eyelets on the side of the tote to feed the yarn through so they don’t even have to open the bag and a few different pockets.

Or, let them know they’re the yarn boss with this robust project bag, which includes even more pockets pockets and eyelets on the top of the bag. The more pockets and eyelets, the better.

Project Journal and Binder for Patterns

Things might be going mostly digital, but many crocheters still prefer a hard copy of their patterns. Binders for their crochet patterns are invaluable (bonus points if you get them clear sleeves to slip their patterns into).

You can also get them a handy project journal like this one, which will not only give them space to track their projects and notes, but also includes conversion charts and abbreviations which can be great for both beginner and experienced crocheters alike.

Things They Don’t Think They Need, but Would Love to Have

Garment Labels

If your crochet lover is a gifter (I would bet money they are), garment labels can be a nice way to add a final touch of love to a project.

These are great gifts for crocheters as these are often overlooked. Many labels are able to be customized so you could have it say “hand stitched with love” or “made with love by (name)”.

Or take the funny route with “made with love and cat hair” or “I spent hours crocheting this”. Or any number of things really, the choice is yours!

Compression Gloves

Crocheters everywhere know that hand pain is a real thing and we should do what we can to avoid it over the long term. However, it’s not always as easy as just stretching your hands every once in a while. Compression gloves have worked wonders for crocheters and crafters alike. A nice pair of compression gloves is something your crochet lover might not have thought of or been willing to spend money on but could be game changing for them.

Clothes Steamer

One of the things many crocheters (I’m looking at myself here) need but probably haven’t bought is a clothes steamer. Most wearable items in crochet (and many non-wearable items) will need to be blocked after the project is finished to ensure it is shaped and drapes correctly. A clothes steamer will help your crocheter get their perfect block much easier and faster than the other primal way (looking at myself again) they wet their items.

Which brings us to…

Blocking Boards

Of course, if they’re going to be steaming their finished projects, they’re also going to need blocking boards to pin their project to in order to make sure the shape is right. These should do the trick.

Yarn Roller and Swift

You can’t tell me you’ve never seen your yarnie friend painstakingly hand rolling a ball of yarn (or being forced to roll one yourself!). Not only is rolling your yarn by hand a total drag, but it’s nowhere near as easy to work off the skein as it is to work from a center pull cake. Give the gift of endless yarn cakes to your crochet lover with a yarn roller.

While you’re at it, consider a yarn swift as well. Yarn swifts are amazing for rolling hanks of novelty yarn into yarn cakes. A hank of yarn is incredibly difficult to work seamlessly from (impossible, if you ask me) and rolling the hank could be just as hard. A yarn swift will help unravel the hank and have it in one easy place so that when your crochet lover uses their brand new yarn roller, the experience will be much easier.

This set comes with both the yarn roller and the yarn swift for an affordable price.

Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowls are great gifts for crocheters. Especially if they work from hand rolled balls, it helps keep their skein from taking off on it’s own, landing on the floor or rolling away. These work great for yarn cakes, too!

Magazines and Subscriptions

Among the usual items you can get for crocheters like tools and yarn, some overlooked things that make great gifts for crocheters are magazines or box subscriptions. Here are some of my favorites:

WeCrochet – The WeCrochet magazine is packed full of interesting things for crocheters. From crochet patterns, to techniques, to featured designers and more, this magazine subscription is an awesome gift for crocheters.

Craftsy Classes – Craftsy really is an amazing place for your crafting friends. Offered on Craftsy are classes which include classes for everything your crocheter might be interested in. From the basics of crochet and up to making their own crochet succulent garden, amigurumi or dyeing their own yarn, Craftsy classes have you covered.

Lion Brand Crochet Kit – If you know your crochet lover has been eyeballing a certain type of project, you could gift them a Lion Brand Crochet Kit. These crochet kits come with the amount of yarn needed for the project (often with a color choice) and the pattern. You can also add on additional tools, if needed, like a crochet hook. Easy peasy.

Novelty and Funny Gifts for Crocheters

Sometimes, you just need to bring a little fun into a hobby. Here are some of the best novelty and funny gifts for crocheters I could find.

Canvas Totes and Tool Organizers by Lisa at Green Fox Farms – Made by a crocheter for a crocheter, these adorable canvas tote bags and tool organizers by Green Fox Farms are sure to bring a smile to your crochet lovers face.

Funny Mugs like this “One Armed Hooker” mug, “I Have a Mean Right Hook” mug or “Yarned and Dangerous” mug on Etsy.

Fun T-Shirts like this “I need a hug(e amount of yarn)” shirt, this “Don’t talk to me I’m counting” shirt or this “I’m a knotty knotty hooker” shirt.

If your crocheter is into jewelry, you might consider this gorgeous hook pendant by Furls or their Freddie the Alpaca pendant (which has a super cute story behind it). You can also look into a yarn cutting pendant, for those times when they can’t find their scissors.

Or fun crochet wall art like this funny yarn definition print, “just one more row” print, or this funny yarn stash definition print.

When All Else Fails, There’s Always…

Gift cards!

While gift cards can seem impersonal or not thoughtful let me tell you that if I received a gift card for any number of craft stores, you wouldn’t see me for the entire day and would probably be pushed out of the house from all the yarn I bought.

You can grab gift cards on Amazon for both Michael’s and Joann, and Hobby Lobby sells gift cards directly on their website.

The Best Christmas Gifts for Crocheters

Regardless of who your crocheter is, you should be able to find a thoughtful gift that will be well loved from this list. Whether they’re sarcastic and funny or classic and organized, your crochet lover will appreciate any of these gifts for crocheters.

Unless you accidentally grab them knitting needles, of course. 😉

I hope this article laying out all the different types of Christmas gifts for crocheters helps you find something perfect for the yarnie in your life. If you’re a crocheter, let me know what you’d love to receive in the comments! I’m always looking for more ideas for the best crochet gifts one can receive.

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