23 of the Best Summer Crochet Patterns – For Free!

Crochet isn’t only for winter items such as scarves and hats like it once was. With so many incredible designers creating beautiful patterns, you can crochet throughout the year – rain or shine. These 25 summer crochet patterns will give you all of the crochet ideas for summer you’ll need. And the best part? These crochet patterns are mostly all free!

What should I Crochet in Summer?

As the days get hot and the cold drinks start flowing, it’s easy to think that your crochet projects have to take a seat on the back burner for other hot weather activities.

But crochet isn’t just for winter hats, scarves and blankets. You can use crochet to create any multitude of items, and that of course includes fun summer items. These days, there are a ton of crochet patterns offered for all different items, such as summer tops, tote bags, mason jar covers, etc.

I called on twenty 25 crochet designers to offer their favorite summer crochet patterns specific for this round up.

25 Crochet Patterns to Make this Summer

Below you can find our best crochet ideas for summer. You can use this crochet patterns to create items for yourself, as gifts, or even to use for spring or summer craft shows – Just make sure the designer says it’s okay to use their pattern for that, first! (We all usually put some kind of disclaimer in the post or in the footer of our websites, check there!)

20 of these crochet patterns are all free on the designers blog. 5 of them are premium PDF only patterns, and I have indicated which are free and which aren’t by writing (free) or (pdf only) in the description.

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25 of the Best Summer Crochet Patterns – For Free!