The Jesse Beanie

Who doesn’t love a warm, comfy beanie? Especially as Autumn hits and the weather starts to change, keeping my head and ears warm with a stylish, cozy beanie is my favorite thing. I’d love to introduce you to the Jesse Beanie – a premium ribbed crochet beanie pattern.

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The Jesse Beanie is a gender neutral, slightly slouchy beanie that is a great accessory for anyone. Simple yet stunning, this crochet hat is a staple in my cozy and practical yet comfortable and stylish wardrobe.

Featuring beautiful ribbing, this crochet beanie pattern mimics knit with it’s variation. With a 1 x 1 “knit 1, purl 1” ribbing around the brim, this cozy beanie’s brim stays slightly stretchy for comfortable wear. In the body of the hat the ribbing is 3 x 3, creating deeper and more dramatic folds that open up and bring style and comfort when worn.

If you’ve always wanted a classic knit beanie but don’t know how to knit (like me!), this ribbed crochet beanie pattern is for you!

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This image shows the ribbed crochet beanie pattern in medium (4) weight, Lion Brand Homeland in Petrified Forest. This is a greyish green color. The beanie is sleek with many more ribs than it's super bulky version.

Inspiration & Design

When I was invited to join the Autumn Exclusives Event by Fiona of CosyRosieUK, my first thought was “beanie”. As soon as September starts rolling around, I can’t stop thinking of cozy winter wear for when it’s cold outside (despite living where it’s virtually 90f until November).

When I set out to design this ribbed crochet beanie pattern, I had one thing in mind: I wanted it to look amazing and appropriate when worn by either myself or my husband. While I’ve had a little obsession with puff stitches lately, I dialed myself way back and set to work finding what I felt was the perfect ribbing for this crochet beanie.

Of course, I didn’t want to do something too toned down, either. While myself and knitting have never been more than acquaintances (and sometimes foes), I’ve always loved the simple get gorgeous ribbing that knit can offer. My grandmother used to make us basic 1 x 1 ribbed knitted beanies when we were kiddos, and I thought “Well, that’s perfect!”. So, I took the style of a knitted ribbed beanie and combined it with crochet to create the Jesse Beanie – perfectly ribbed and 100% crochet.

This image shows a work in progress of the crochet ribbed beanie, with a wooden crochet hook still on loop.

You mean I can use Medium or Super Bulky Weight!? Yup!

After landing on a style and design idea, I set to work deciding on the “perfect” yarn. I can’t tell you how many different skeins of yarn I ended up purchasing for this one design. One of the hardest things about designing is finding the “right” yarn so your idea comes to life. I marched into our home with a huge bag of yarn and got to work.

One of my favorite things about doing swatches with all the different yarn types is that I ended up designing this ribbed crochet beanie pattern to work for two weights of yarn. I loved the way it worked up using both Lion Brand’s Heartland (a medium 4 weight) and Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Thick and Quick (a super bulky 6 weight). I debated for a long time over which weight to settle on when it hit me…

Design for both!

So, I ended up writing a ribbed crochet beanie pattern for both medium (4) weight and super bulky (6) weight and you receive the instructions for both when you purchase the Jesse Beanie pattern!

I love how these two beanies were worked the exact same way yet look so different! The ribbed beanie crocheted with medium weight yarn (the greyish green beanie) looks sleek, classic and light weight. The ribbed beanie crocheted with super bulky weight yarn (the white beanie) is chunky, cozy and super warm.

This image shows both versions of the ribbed crochet beanie pattern in medium weight and super bulky weight yarn.

I love how the crochet beanies are perfect on their own and how you can give them an extra touch of fun by adding a faux-fur pompom on top!

Pattern Details

The Jesse Beanie is a ribbed crochet beanie pattern that mimics knitted ribbing by working in rows. This gender neutral crochet beanie works well in either medium (4) or super bulky (6) weight yarn.

This premium crochet pattern includes pattern instructions for using either medium (4) or super bulky (6) weight yarn, a photo tutorial for working through the first row repeat as well as seaming and finishing the beanie and two PDF versions, one with the photo tutorial and one printer friendly.


Advanced Beginner – Crocheters looking to purchase and follow this pattern should know how to crochet in rows and seam a crochet project. You should also have understanding of slip stitches, single crochet and half double crochet. There is a more advanced stitch, the yarn over slip stitch (sometimes called “half double slip stitch”) that is explained in detail and shown worked via picture tutorial. If you can half double crochet, you can work a yarn over slip stitch.

This pattern also requires the use of working in the back loop only and in the 3rd loop only of yarn over slip stitches. Working into these specified loops is the most advanced portion of this ribbed crochet beanie, but both are explained in detail and shown in picture tutorials. However, if you’d like to check out tutorials for either of these techniques before you purchase this pattern so that you feel confident and ready, I recommend this video tutorial for back loop only and this video tutorial for 3rd loop only.

Working into these specific loops is very important for this ribbed crochet beanie pattern and sometimes which loops we are working in will switch mid row. Just FYI. 🙂


Medium (4) weight OR Super Bulky (6) weight yarn of your choice. Be sure to follow the correct pattern for the weight of your choice.

You will need approximately:
Medium (4) weight: 6 oz/170g/305 yards
Super Bulky (6) weight: 10 oz/258g/180 yards

Yarn Used
Medium (4): Lion Brand Heartland in Petrified Forest
Super Bulky (6): Lion Brand Wool Ease in Fisherman


Medium (4) Beanie: 5 mm (5-8) Hook – I used my favorite Furls Streamline Swirl in Cookies and Cream.
Super Bulky (6) Beanie: 8 mm (L-11) Hook – I used my favorite Furls Streamline Wood in Teak.
Both beanies will also require:
Tapestry needle
Stitch markers
Optional: Faux Fur Pompom – I purchased this set of faux-fur pompom’s last year. I absolutely love them. There are a variety of colors so you can pick which pompom would look best for your project and they have built in elastic loops that make it much easier to sew the pom on!


Both beanies fit an average adult head of 21-22.5 inches.
Circumference (Brim size): Approximately 21 inches unstretched.
Height (without Pom): Approximately 10 inches.

This ribbed crochet beanie pattern is written for a circumference of 21 inches to fit the average adult head circumference of 21-22.5 inches comfortably without forcing a stretch.

It is important to note that you can easily make the circumference of this beanie smaller or larger simply by adding or removing row repeats as instructed. This is explained in detail in the pattern.

This image shows the ribbed crochet beanie pattern made in super bulky yarn, Lion Brand's Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Fisherman (creamy white).

Where to Purchase this Ribbed Crochet Beanie Pattern

Okay, okay, ready for me to stop gushing about how much I love the Jesse Beanie and get stuck into the pattern? Me, too!

The Jesse Beanie is available as an inexpensive PDF purchase on both Etsy and Ravelry, so you can choose your preferred site to purchase from!

Before you run off to purchase the pattern, though, I have something special for you!

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I hope you love the Jesse Beanie as much as I do! Enjoy!

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Ribbed Crochet Beanie Pattern

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