Easy Chevron Crochet Afghan Pattern

Don’t let the wavy pattern of this classic chevron crochet pattern fool you: Using only double crochets, this crochet blanket pattern works up so quickly and easily that even an absolute beginner can crochet this ease.

Easy Chevron Crochet Pattern - Afghan by The Loophole Fox
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Easy Chevron Crochet Afghan Pattern

My grandmother unfortunately passed away when I was quite young, but one thing that she always had a crocheted chevron afghan on her couch. She made these afghans for family, friends, and co-workers.

She loved the classic white and all of her crochet chevron afghans were always pure white. I wanted to honor the memory of my grandmother with this pattern but add a little bit of a modern twist with grey stripes.

Easy Chevron Crochet Pattern - Afghan by The Loophole Fox

So, how do you crochet a chevron blanket?

This double crochet crochet blanket pattern is so easy to follow because it’s simply a repeat of stitches followed by decrease and stitches followed by increase.

This can seem quite daunting to a beginner, but I promise that once you get a couple of rows in you’ll think “Shannon, I’ve got this.” Because you do.

To put it simply: A chevron pattern is created in a series of points or “V”s. To create these V’s, you need to increase and decrease in the same areas. That’s it!

This pattern is considered a “classic ripple afghan pattern” because it its peaks resemble waves more than they do points. We achieve waves instead of points by stitching three stitches together instead of skipping stitches.

That’s all there is to a chevron crochet pattern.

Don’t worry because this pattern is going to tell you exactly where to place your increases and where to stitch three stitches together. Once you’ve done a handful of rows, you’ll be crocheting right along without me.

If you want to get a little more technical about your knowledge for chevron crochet pattern’s, take a look at this tutorial by The Crochet Crowd. They include a handy little chart for different blanket sizes.

Chevron crochet afghans always remind me of my grandmother. With her in mind, I created this chevron crochet pattern so we could all feel as thought we are being hugged by our grandmothers any time we might need it.


Easy – Beginner. If you know how to double crochet, you can make this blanket.


Yarn – Use any medium (4) weight yarn you prefer.

If you want your blanket to look exactly like mine, I used: Lion Brand Pound of Love in Antique White (2 skeins) and Oxford Grey Aran (1/2 skein).

You will also need a 5.5 mm hook and a tapestry needle to weave in ends.



My finished blanket with the border is approximately 47 inches wide and 60 inches long.


This pattern is worked in US terms.

  • ch – Chain
  • dc – double crochet
  • sc – single crochet
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • dc3tog – double crochet three together. Yarn over, insert hook into next stitch, yarn over, pull through stitch. Yarn over, pull through two loops on hook- two loops on hook. Repeat two more times until four loops are on hook. Yarn over, pull through all four loops.
  • rpt – repeat
  • […] – repeat inside
  • FO – finish off


  • In this crochet blanket pattern, the Ch 2 to turn does not count as a double crochet. This means you will need to place your first dc in the same stitch as your ch 2.
  • For simplicity (as there are 107 rows), the pattern will list through the first color pattern repeat and instruct you to follow the color pattern to the end.
  • Every row will be worked exactly the same as row 2 – That’s what makes this pattern so easy.
  • The color pattern repeats as followed: 6 rows of white, 1 grey, 3 white, 1 grey, 6 white, 1 grey, with the exception of the last color pattern repeat which does not include the last grey stripe. This color pattern is repeated 6x for 107 rows.

How to Make this Easy Crochet Chevron Afghan

With white, ch 186

R1 – dc 4th ch from hook and place two additional dc’s in same ch. 1 dc next 5 sts. [dc3tog, 1 dc next 5 sts, 3 dc next st, 1 dc next 5] Rpt 12x. dc3tog, 1 dc next 5 sts. 3 dc last st.
R2 – ch 2, turn. 1 dc same st, 2 dc next st. 1 dc next 5 sts. [dc3tog, 1 dc next 5 sts, 3 dc next st, 1 dc next 5] Rpt 12x. dc3tog, 1 dc next 6 sts. 2 dc last st.
R3 – White
R4 – White
R5 – White
R6 – White
R7 – Grey
R8 – White
R9 – White
R10 – White
R11 – Grey
R12 – White
R13 – White
R14 – White
R15 – White
R16 – White
R17 – White
R18 – Grey

R19 through 107 – Repeat R2 and follow the color pattern to the end. Repeat the color pattern five more times for a total of 107 rows (ending on the 6th white row, do not include the last grey row).

Weave in all ends before moving on to the border.


I opted for a simple single crochet border versus a double crochet border so that the classic look would remain.

Do not FO. Instead, ch 1 and proceed to work down the length of the blanket. Place 2 sc in each row down.

At the end, ch 1, turn 90 degrees and work along the bottom. Working along the bottom is going to seem strange because you’re technically working it upside down.

In other words, your increases are where your decreases would have been and vice versa. Follow the pattern, though, and you’ll find that the work looks fine.

Finish placing your single crochets around. Sl st to close, FO and weave all ends.

You’re finished!

Grab yourself a hot cocoa and settle in on the couch. Because it’s time to wrap up in this chevron crochet afghan and binge watch your favorite TV shows.

I hope you love this classic throw blanket as much as I do! My cats have claimed the blanket, though, so I might have to make myself a new one. 😛

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