The Halcyon Tote

Simple and timeless, the Halcyon Tote is the perfect bag to carry all of your things for all of your spring adventuring. Choose for favorite color and you’ll have a crochet gingham tote bag that is uniquely yours.

This image shows the crochet gingham tote bag sitting on a chair, with a side table near by as if you were to walk into your home and set your bag down.

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Crochet gingham tote bags are so lovable. There’s something so classic and pure about the gingham plaid pattern and it’s amazing how different and unique each bag looks just by changing the colors.

Whether you’d say your style is modern, farmhouse or even boho, a crocheted gingham tote bag will fit into your personality and shine with you.

The best part about crochet tote bags like this one is that they’re easy to create, easy to customize in terms of color and they make great gifts!

Crochet Gingham Tote Bag Pattern Design Inspiration

I’ve wanted to “re-design” my original crochet gingham tote bag for a long time. You can check out the original bag here, if you like.

I have to say that the original Gingham Tote was one of my very first designs and over the years, I’ve changed how I prefer to design crochet bags and generally like things to be a lot more seamless.

So, while the previous gingham tote was worked in two panels and then seamed together to create a bag, this new crochet bag pattern is instead worked in the round and seamlessly all the way through. This means you won’t have to seam anything, you won’t have to block your panels to make sure they’re the same size and there are a lot less ends to weave in. How exciting is that?

The addition of eyelets and cotton rope for handles also makes this bag have a more modern, professional look which, in my opinion, is absolutely to die for.

This image shows the crochet gingham tote bag laying flat on a fluffy white surface.

How do I choose the best colors for this crochet bag?

Choosing colors for a crochet gingham tote bag can be a ton of fun! You can basically always assume that one of your colors will be a white (or off white/cream) so that leaves 2 colors to choose.

For these two colors, you’ll want to decide on colors that are in the same family or shade but not the same brightness. For example if you choose green, you’d want a dark green and a light green but not just any greens. You would want to find greens that are similar in shade. A forest green may not go very well with a neon green, but would look great with a light sage green.

For another example, if you choose pink. You’ll want to decide what shade you’d like your crochet bag to be in. So, if you want to go bright and fun and choose a neon pink, you’d also want to choose a pink that has the same bright feeling but is a lighter shade. A dusty rose pink may not look as good next to the neon.

A great way to choose your colors is to set them next to each other in a cart while in the store. Choose the two colors that you think go best together!

Of course, at the end of the day, your bag is your bag! Use any three colors you like for a bit of fun. The above notes are just a reference to help, if you need it. 

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This image shows the crochet gingham tote bag sitting on a chair, with a side table near by as if you were to walk into your home and set your bag down.

Crochet Gingham Tote Bag Pattern Details

The Halcyon Tote is a crochet gingham tote bag pattern that is such a classic that it fits with any style. This crochet bag is worked seamlessly and has the addition of eyelets and cotton rope for the handles, which add a professional finish.

Throughout this crochet bag pattern, you will be carrying yarn. This makes this bag super strong and able to withstand a ton of adventuring!

This premium crochet pattern includes a photo tutorial for all of the steps required. It will walk you through changing color, carrying yarn, beginning the bag, creating the eyelet holes, adding the eyelets and attaching the cotton rope for the handles. Plus in the photo tutorial, the steps are written out in full sentence detail, not “normal” pattern shorthand!

You’ll get 12 pages packed with images and details to help make your crochet gingham tote bag the best it can be. Additionally, you’ll also receive a printer friendly version without all the photos and tutorials so that if you want to print it, you can save on ink.

Regardless of how you like to follow patterns, I’ve got you covered!


Advanced Beginner – Crocheters looking to purchase and follow this pattern should know how to crochet in closed rounds, change color and carry yarn. This crochet gingham tote bag pattern uses basic stitches such as chains and single crochet through the entirety so there are no fancy, complicated stitches.

The most advanced technique used in this crochet bag pattern is the very start of the bag, in which we crochet on both sides of the chains OR on the bottom of foundation single crochet to create a long oval which will be the base of the bag. This is explained in detail in the pattern with photos.


Medium (4) weight cotton yarn in 3 colors.

You will need approximately:
Color A – 2.7 ounces/ 76 grams/ 139 yards
Color B – 3.5 ounces/ 100 grams/ 180  yards
Color C – 2 ounces/ 57 grams/ 105 yards

Yarn Used
I Love This Cotton
in colors Pewter (dark gray, Color A), Dove (light gray, Color B) and White (Color C).

I Love This Cotton is one of my favorite cottons to work with. It’s soft from the start so it’s not rough on the hands and comes in a variety of beautiful colors!


12 mm Eyelets
These are used in the holes for the straps to reinforce them. I chose these eyelets from Hobby Lobby.
Special note: You will need an eyelet installation tool to place them. I used this installation tool, also from Hobby Lobby.

10 mm Macrame Cord
This macrame cord is used for the handles. I used this cord that I found on Amazon.

The additional materials required for this crochet gingham tote bag are optional. The eyelets are used to reinforce the openings for the handles and create a professional finish, but you absolutely can skip these if you prefer to. For the handles, I chose cotton cord (like macramé cord) but you can choose something else or create your own, if you prefer.


5 mm (H-8) hook
Tapestry needle
Stitch Markers
– I would recommend at least one.


Finished bag is approximately 10.5 inches wide and 11.5 inches long, not including the handles.

Where to Purchase this Gingham Tote Bag Pattern

The Halcyon Tote is available as an inexpensive PDF purchase on both Etsy and Ravelry, so you can choose your preferred site to purchase from!

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I hope you love the Halcyon tote as much as I do! Enjoy!

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