Traveler’s Water Bottle Bag Pattern

It’s finally spring and that means it’s time to go out traveling and adventuring. Whether that means hiking in the wilderness or going to the beach, you’ll of course need to bring water with you. Stay hands free on your adventures with the Traveler’s crochet water bottle bag pattern. Easy, adorable and you’ll have your hands free to take pictures of all the marvels, climb over rocks or build sand castles.

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Why I Love This Crochet Water Bottle Bag

My husband and I recently took a weekend trip to the Sequoia’s with our pup. We both have large, reusable water bottles that we like to carry with us when we go on longer walks. We were going to be doing a lot of hiking (and hike straight up hill we did!) while having our dog with us, so I knew that having our hands free and water close for easy access was absolutely necessary. Between the two of us, we need to be able to carry enough water for two adults and our dog, so this crochet water bottle bag came in handy. Keeping our dog secure and safe while keeping ourselves alert as we went off trail – carrying the water bottle was the last thing on our mind.

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It’s so important to be able to be hands free on your adventures. Regardless of if you’re hiking straight up a slippery hill in the snow to see the redwoods while holding onto your dogs leash for dear life or taking a comfortable walk around, you never know what might happen. Let this crochet water bottle bag give you peace of mind.

Or, you might be like me and just can’t stand the idea of carrying something. That’s fine, too!

Crochet Water Bottle Holder shown in two colors, white and purple.

The Traveler’s crochet water bottle bag pattern was designed to be a snug fit on the water bottle so it doesn’t slide around or fall out. With this crochet water bottle bag, you’ll pick up the entire apparatus to take a drink versus sliding your bottle in and out of the holder. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it that way, but it is designed to be a snug fit to keep everything secure and to keep your water drinking easy – no fumbling around with the bottle and the holder and the strap and… Just pick it up and drink.

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through how to create the Traveler’s Water Bottle Bag crochet pattern in the “Standard” size. This size will fit most 16 oz water bottle sizes (like a Smart Water bottle you can pick up at any store).

If you’d prefer other sizes, or if you’d like to make your own size, I would recommend grabbing the inexpensive PDF pattern. In the PDF, you’ll receive a picture tutorial as well as instructions on how to create the standard size, the large size and how to create your own size.

The create your own size will walk you through creating the size for you step by step and includes a table to help you increase to the necessary size. Fun!

If you prefer a premium PDF version of this pattern, you can grab one on either my Ravelry or my Etsy shop by clicking the buttons below.

Crochet water bottle bag shown on a large water bottle of 32 oz.

The large size fits the orange water bottle seen above, which is a 32 oz Mira thermal water bottle. This water bottle is AMAZING. If you’re looking for an awesome water bottle that keeps your water ice cold for long durations of time, I can’t recommend this one enough. This is my husbands and he uses it constantly.

Using cotton yarn, this crochet water bottle bag is light weight, easy to wash and sturdy against even the most adventurous of people. Let’s get to it!


Intermediate – Requires working in the round and some more advanced stitches, such as the V stitch. Advanced beginners can certainly finish this project.


You will need medium (4) weight cotton yarn approx 100 yards or 2 oz
If you would like your crochet water bottle holder to be two toned, you will need:
Color 1: Approx 75 yards or 1.5 oz
Color 2: Approx 55 yards or 1 oz.

I used We Crochet’s Dishy in White (white), Lilac Mist (purple) and Honeydew (green).

I have to tell you – I have an aversion to most cotton yarn. I find most cotton yarn to be quite difficult to work with and to be too structured to have a nice stitch definition. However, the We Crochet Dishy yarn is absolutely amazing. It has the strength needed for cotton yarn but stays soft and easy to work with despite being 100% cotton. I would definitely recommend Dishy for this project, however, any cotton yarn you prefer will work.


4 mm (G-6) hook – I used my favorite Furls Streamline Swirl
Tapestry needle
Stitch Markers


You will check gauge after round 5. After completing round five, you should have a diameter of approximately 2.25 inches.


2.5 inch diameter/6 inches tall
The handle length is not included because you can make it as long as you prefer.

The premium PDF includes both a large size water bottle cover (3.5 inch diameter/9 inches tall) AND instructions on how to make your own size. If the size listed in this free pattern doesn’t work for you, I would suggest checking out the inexpensive PDF on Etsy or Ravelry.


  • Ch – chain
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Hdc – half double crochet
  • Dc – double crochet
  • St – Stitch
  • Sk – Skip
  • V-Stitch – double crochet V stitch. (dc, ch1, dc) all in the same indicated space.


  • This pattern calls for usage of a magic circle. If you’ve never worked the magic circle before, you can check out my video and photo tutorial.
    • Alternatively, you can use the magic circle or you can chain 4 and slip stitch to the first chain made to create a circle to work into. Your choice!
  • Chain 3 to start a V stitch row always count as a dc and a chain 1.
  • Chain 1 to start a row never counts as a stitch. Always place your first stitch in the same stitch you chained out of.
  • This pattern is worked completely in closed rounds. There will be reference of where to slip stitch to to close.
  • The strap has a pattern written, but if you prefer a different strap or would like to use something that isn’t crocheted for the strap, go for it!
  • If you wish to work the pattern as written but, for example, need the length to be longer, you can simply add additional rows as you see necessary.

How to Make This Crochet Water Bottle Holder

Round 1 – In magic circle, chain 1 and place 6 sc. Sl st to first sc to close (6).

Round 2 – ch 1, place 2 sc in each st around. Sl st to first sc to close. (12)

Round 3 – ch 1, [1 sc in first st, 2 sc in next]. Repeat inside brackets 6x. Sl st to first sc to close. (18)

Round 4 – ch 1, [1 sc in 2 sts, 2 sc in next]. Repeat inside brackets 6x. Sl st to first sc to close. (24)

Round 5 – ch 1, [1 sc in 3 sts, 2 sc in next]. Repeat inside brackets 6x. Sl st to first sc to close. (3

Measure your work once you’ve completed Round 5. Your work should measure approximately 2.25 inches across in diameter.

Rounds 6 through 11- ch 1, place 1 hdc in each stitch around. Sl st to first hdc to close.(30)

Round 12 – ch 3 and dc in the same stitch (this makes your first V-stitch). [sk 2 sts, V-stitch next]. Repeat inside brackets until 2 sts remain. Sk the sts and sl st into the ch 3 space to close. (10 V-stitches – 10 ch 1 spaces, 20 dc)
Slip stitching into the ch 3 space puts us “in” the “chain 1” space to start our new row. 

Round 13 through 19 – ch 3 and dc in same ch 1 space (first V-stitch). In each ch 1 space, place a V-stitch. At the end, sl st into the ch 3 space to close. (10 V-stitches – 10 ch 1 spaces, 20 dc)

For the two toned water bottle holder, change color on the last stitch of Round 17.

Round 20 – ch 1, place 2 hdc in ch 1 space and 1 hdc in each stitch and ch 1 space around. Sl st to first hdc to close. (30) 

Round 21 – ch 1, place 1 hdc in each stitch around. Sl st to first hdc to close. (30)

Round 22 – ch 1, 1 sc in 10 stitches, ch 5, sk 4 sts, 1 sc next 11 sts. 5 sts remain. Ch 5, sk 4 sts, 1 sc in last st. Sl st to first sc to close. (22 sc, 2 ch 5 spaces).

Round 23 – ch 1, 1 sc 10 sts to ch 5 spc. In ch 5 space, place 9 sc. 1 sc next 11 sts, 9 sc in ch 5 space, 1 sc last st. Sl st to first sc to close. (40)

Finish off, weave ends. 


Leaving a tail (for sewing), ch 6.

Row 1 – dc 4th ch from hook (counts as dc and skipped stitch), ch 1, dc in same ch. Sk 1 ch, dc in last. (4 dc, 1 ch 1 space).

Row 2 – ch 2 (counts as dc), turn,  V-stitch in ch 1 space, dc in last st.

Repeat Row 2 for as long as necessary to create a handle that is the length you prefer.Add a few extra rows  for extra length for sewing the handle on. Each row adds just shy of a half an inch, for reference. To make a handle that hangs the holder approximately 12 inches from your shoulder, make 50 rows. When you finish off, leave a tail for sewing.

To sew the handle on, put one end of your strap through the handle space created in the last two rounds of the holder. Put this end in from the right side to the back side so that your seam is “inside”.

Fold the end of your strap up to meet the rest of the strap and sew it in place. Repeat on the other side to finish. You’re all set!

Crochet water bottle bag in green.

That’s all there is to it!

Now you can go on your adventures with peace of mind knowing that you can carry all the water you need with this crochet water bottle bag and keep your hands free to take photos, pick flowers or build sand castles.

(Or to catch yourself from falling over, like I did!).

Obligatory crochet water bottle bag being used in the Sequoia’s picture:

Crochet Water Bottle Sling in Sequoia.

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