Radiant Crochet Bath Set – 6 Crochet Bath Patterns

There’s nothing better than spending some time focusing on self-care. It’s easy to get so busy with life’s day to day chores and responsibilities that we forget to slow down and take a little time to pamper ourselves. With the Radiant Crochet Bath Set, you can bring a touch of handmade luxury and soft cotton to your self-care sessions – or even to your every day!

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A crochet bath set full of luxury!

When it comes to taking care of ourselves, I think one thing matters most: Do we enjoy what we’re using? If you’re trying to have a little self-care session but you’re using basic washcloths or disposable face wipes for washing, it’s just not very enjoyable!

For something as important as self-love and taking care of ourselves, it’s important to have something that is not only functional but is pretty, too! No, these items aren’t for a typical kitchen or to let your spouse use after they’ve done who knows what in the garage and they need a quick wipe of their hands.

Nope! These items are for you or for someone you’d like to gift it to. Built to be sturdy, these crochet bath items will stand up to many uses but these items are special because they’re for you to relax, recharge and feel pampered with.

You could make the bath set for yourself in your favorite color (and make a few of the face scrubbies, they’re amazing!) or you could choose to make this crochet bath set as a gift! A fantastic gift for Christmas, Birthday’s, Mother’s Day… You name it! Include a pretty bar of soap or a bottle of wine (or both!) to let them know they deserve to be pampered.

This image shows all 6 pieces of this crochet bath set laid out nicely on a marble background, with typical bathroom accessories.

What is the best yarn for a crochet bath set?

Hands down the best yarn choice for any crocheted item that will require a lot of washing to remain clean and usable is 100% cotton yarn.

Crochet bath sets (and other things, like kitchen sets) require a lot of washing to stay hygienic. Cotton yarn can stand the test of washing better than any other fiber. Not only can you (usually) wash cotton yarn in hot water, but it also is quite a bit stronger and can withstand being tossed in the washer as much as necessary.

Why make a crochet bath set when you could buy one?

It would be super easy to head off to your favorite department store, pick up a few things for your dedicated self-care time and head home. So why spend the time making a set?

Aside from the obvious fact that we love to crochet and crocheter’s will find any reason to crochet anything, crocheting your own bath set generally saves money, is more eco-friendly, can be much better for your skin when the right fiber is used and, of course, the sense of accomplishment when you crochet it and use it yourself!

My skin is wildly sensitive, even to tap water in the city (hello beautiful, amazing and affordable shower head that filters water!), and I generally have to be careful about what fibers I wear and what scents I use or I might end up covered in hives. Now, my skin’s reaction is on the extreme side, but in general, using 100% cotton is about as hypoallergenic and eco-friendly as one can get.

So really I think the question is… Why wouldn’t you crochet your own bath set?

Can I grab all of these bath patterns in one place?

Yep! You can find all 6 crochet patterns on one PDF in my Etsy Shop. The robust, 28 page PDF includes all 6 crochet bath set patterns with picture tutorials for each individual pattern when needed as well as picture tutorials for the special stitches. The best part of purchasing the bath set as a PDF is not only do you get all of the patterns in one place with the picture tutorials but the picture tutorials have the instructions written in full sentence detail – not short hand. The purchase also comes with a printer-friendly PDF, which takes out all of the pictures and tutorials to save ink!

Alternatively, if you’d like the PDF versions but perhaps only want one or two patterns, you can purchase them all separately.

If you’d like to keep your crocheting as free as possible, you’re absolutely welcome to use the free patterns for each bath set listed below by clicking the corresponding buttons.

Here’s a preview of all the free crochet patterns included in this crochet bath set, with links to view the free versions!

Radiant Crochet Washcloth

This image shows the washcloth, one of the crochet bath set items.

This crochet bath set pattern is the one that started it all. Designed to have lovely texture, this crochet washcloth brings a touch of luxury into your self-care routine with puff stitches and raised lines. Lovely to use and with beautiful visual appeal, this washcloth is a must to have in a crochet bath set.

Check out the free washcloth pattern by clicking the button below!

Radiant Face Scrubbies

This image shows the face scrubbies, one of the crochet bath set items.

These little crochet face scrubbies do most of the heavy lifting for this crochet bath set in terms of daily use. Forget the disposable wipes with questionable chemicals. These face scrubbies are soft, easy to wash and gently cleanse the delicate skin on your face without any harsh movements or products for exfoliation. The best part? They’re super fast to make!

Check out the free face scrubbies pattern by clicking the button below!

Radiant Hand Towel

Simple yet gorgeous, this crochet hand towel is a stable in any bathroom. With repeating lines of puff stitches breaking up large sections of double crochets, you’ll get maximum drying space as well as a touch of luxury with each hand washing.

Check out the free hand towel pattern by clicking the button below!

Want all of these crochet bath set patterns in one place?

Radiant Soap Saver

Ready for lather? These soap savers help create a wonderful lather from standard soap bars. With puff stitches and raised lines for texture, you’ll get a hand massage and a thorough washing all while saving your soap bar from becoming the slippery mess it can be.

Check out the free soap saver pattern by clicking the button below!

Radiant Loofah (back scrubby!)

If you’re anything like me, reaching the middle of your back in the shower is a pain. I’m no yoga-guru, after all! No more turning endless circles trying to scrub every inch – this loofah has got your back (get it? haha)! Replace your store bought loofah with this eco-friendly, easily washable crochet version. While others don’t stay hygienic for long, this one can be washed as easily as tossing it in the washer. No fuss and no worries!

Check out the free loofah pattern by clicking the button below!

Radiant Bath Pouf

2 crochet bath poufs, one yellow and one pink, as a part of this crochet bath set.

Last but not least in this crochet bath set: the simple but mighty bath pouf! A staple in most bathrooms, the bath pouf is an easy way to bring up a ton of lather and a touch of luxury. Because crochet bath poufs usually don’t dry very well, I’ve designed this bath pouf to open up for faster drying or to be used as a small, ruffled wash cloth!

Check out the free bath pouf pattern by clicking the button below!

How to care for your Radiant Crochet Bath Set

Now that you’ve created your beautiful, Radiant Crochet Bath Set, how do you care for it?

Since this set of crochet patterns calls to use 100% cotton yarn, all of these bath set items are able to be washed and dried how you see fit. These items can stand up to washing generally as much as necessary. Be sure to check the washing instructions on the skein label of the yarn you used to be sure, but you should be able to wash them as much as you need to.

I recommend throwing the items into a laundry bag. I love laundry bags for my crochet items! It makes it so much easier to toss them into a normal wash cycle in the washing machine without worrying that the yarn will get snagged or it will get lost somewhere in the washer (missing sock syndrome, anyone?)

I like to lay my crocheted items flat to dry and, once fully dry, give them a little tumble in the dryer to fluff the yarn up just a little bit. You may wish to lightly block some of the items again or give them a little ruffle yourself so that they come back to their original form.

Don’t forget! If you’d like the 28 page PDF with all of the patterns as well as photo tutorials and a step by step walk through of each item, check out the Radiant Bath Set Bundle on Etsy!

That’s it for this luxurious, eco-friendly crochet bath set! I hope you love all the pieces of the Radiant Bath Set as much as I do. Enjoy!

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