Behind the Skeins with Pine Tree Crochet

It’s time for another installment Behind the Skeins and this time with Whitney of Pine Tree Crochet! In this interview style segment of this blog, we chat with other crochet business owners to get a little look in on their life. I love getting to know other crochet designers and makers, and I love sharing what I learn with all of you!

Today we are chatting with Whitney of Pine Tree Crochet and I could not be more excited! I have to tell you that I absolutely loved working with Whitney for this interview.

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I am so excited to have Whitney of Pine Tree Crochet with us here today for Behind the Skeins. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Whitney over the past year and it has been such an awesome experience! She is such a lovely and kind human being and creates crochet patterns packed with color.

Let’s kick off this Behind the Skeins interview so you can find out all of the reasons I love having Whitney in my circle and why you should, too.

But I was persistent and kept on trying!

Hi Whitney! Let’s start this Behind the Skeins interview off easy – Tell me a little bit about who you are as a person, not as just a crocheter/crochet designer.

“I love the outdoors and nature photography. All the seasons are unique, but winter is my probably my favorite because of my love for skiing and skating.

When did you learn to crochet? Did someone teach you or are you self-taught?

“I was taught the basic chain, sc and double crochet from a close family friend and decided to experiment from there. Sometimes it went well, and other times ended in frustration. But I was persistent and kept on trying! ” 

Are you a righty or a lefty? 

 “I am a righty. I actually tried to be a lefty. It felt very familiar, except that my brain couldn’t figure out what each hand should be doing. “

You can find the Autumn Spike Cowl pattern here.

What inspired your business name?

“I was visiting a friends place in the country and was walking under these gorgeous tall pine trees.  I took a photo, so I could remember how peaceful it was and how lovely it looked. It wasn’t until a while later when looking back on that memory I decided to combine my love for crochet under the peaceful pine trees.  Pine Tree Crochet.

When did you start your blog? What do you offer?

“Just over a year ago, last June, I started Pine Tree Crochet. I share all my patterns for free on my blog and offer easy to print PDF pattern downloads for a minimal charge on Ravelry. My patterns mainly focus on beginner friendly patterns for accessories, with a few quick and easy gift ideas as well.

When did you decide to change from crocheting for fun to crocheting as a business? What inspired you?

Everything I crochet is fun! I wish there were more hours in the day, just so I could crochet! Seriously though, I decided to start Pine Tree Crochet because I love crocheting and wanted to show others how easy and fun it can be to make beautiful things. I was inspired by a few fellow makers who took a leap and started something new. It was a big jump for me, but I would never look back! Onwards and upwards!”

What style or level of knowledge do you specialize in?

 “I design beginner to advanced beginner patterns and think it should be easy to create something beautiful! I always include a detailed photo tutorial of the stitch or technique used in the pattern PDF that is available for purchase.

You can find the Autumn Crunch Fingerless pattern here.

Do you have a certain stitch that crops up in your designs more than others? A favorite stitch?

“I like to stick to stitches that are easy to crochet and that create an interesting design. My most recent patterns I designed used the wattle stitch  and the diagonal spike stitch in the round. They might sound complicated, but are really easy! The diagonal spike stitch that I used in the Autumn Spike Cowl only uses double crochet stitches.  The Wattle stitch, that I used in the Autumn Crunch Cowl, creates a zig-zag pattern with a combination of single crochets, chains and double crochet stitches. I don’t have a favorite, but love learning new stitches!

Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Do you have a stash you like to work from or do you prefer to purchase yarn as a project presents itself?

“I have a stash that has been building  up over the years that I try my very best to create from!” 

What’s one challenge you’ve had in crocheting and how did you overcome it?

“At the beginning of my crochet journey I really wanted to learn how to read and follow a pattern. This took some time, but with a little help from a family friend and a lot of patience I was able to learn how to read a crochet pattern. I actually now prefer following a chart!

Which of your patterns of your is your favorite?

“Tammy the Turtle! I love amigurumi and she was one of the first patterns I designed.

You can find the Tammy the Turtle pattern here.

What advice would you give to a brand new crocheter? Any tips?

“Spend some time learning the basic crochet stitches. Ch, sc, hdc and dc. These are your building blocks for any crochet pattern. Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

Just be yourself and do what you love!

What other hobbies do you have that bring you joy?

“I said it already, but I will say it again. I love the outdoors and nature photography. I get excited when I see a bird outside that I don’t recognize and have to find out what kind it is. I love taking pictures of the bright colored flowers in the summer and buzzy bees. The winters are long here in Ontario, Canada and one of my favorite outdoor activities is figure skating. I also enjoy playing the piano and baking.”

Any exciting things coming up in your business? Or going on now?

“Every day is exciting! There are many levels of exciting. I try to plan out as much as I can in advance, but sometimes new pattern ideas just pop into my head and I roll with it!

If you had to tell your past self one thing, what would it be?

“Stop comparing yourself to others. Just be yourself (bee emoji) and do what you love!”

I’d love to give a BIG “thank you!” to Whitney for taking the time out of her busy schedule to chat with me for this Behind the Skeins interview. I’ve really enjoyed chatting with Whitney and getting to know more about her and her business.

One of my favorite things about the crochet community is that you aren’t competing or working against the other designers or makers. We are all here in this together and I have never been a part of a better community. It is always such a joy to get to know the other designers a little more intimately and I hope you enjoyed learning more about Whitney today.

Did you learn something exciting about Whitney today? Let us know in the comments!

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